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Salvage Bunny, Space Pirates, Valkyries, and Confinement!!

Wow, that sounds awesomely weird. . .or maybe it's weirdly awesome. Either way, that title about sums up my writing life. Last week, I got back edits for Salvage Bunny 2, AKA Knightfall Under Keros. Apparently, I still have NO FREAKING CLUE where commas are supposed to go, so that's right back at the top of my 'Get better at this' edit list LOL. The rest of the edits were fairly minor, and I did a final read-thru before I sent it back to Chris. Ya'll I am so freaking excited for you to read this one. Rereading it got me so freaking excited to write the next one. And. . .drum roll please. . .I've got a release date!! You can get your grubby paws on Kailey's next adventure on 31 March!! All the freaking excited over here!!

Okay, I think I've adequately conveyed that I am, in fact, excited lol. Up next, I got edits back from the incredible Jamie Ibson for my space pirate story, Reckless and Relentless, in the latest We Dare anthology. It was a wee bit long (okay, fine, it was stupid long), so I spent a few days tightening it up and cutting out anything unnecessary for the story I wanted to tell. I think it turned out freaking awesome, and it's back with Jamie.

Now that I've got both of those edit projects done. . .I've got another edit project. I'm not sorry about this one AT ALL. My favorite person in the world (sorry Nick LOL) Marisa Wolf sent me back edits on my Valkyries novel, Shadows May Fall last month. I'm 99% done with them, so it's time for a final read-thru so I can thread one last edit suggestion through the story. I love Athena and Sebastian so much this isn't a chore at all, it's a freaking delight. I also may have worked out the ending of Valkyries 3 this weekend. Keep in mind I haven't written 2 yet LOL, but it's always nice to know where I'm going. . .and it's going to be epic AF.

Last up, I've got a con this weekend!! I'll be at Confinement in Lebanon, TN (Feb 24-26). If you're in the local area, come check us out!! Fair warning, my little monsters, I mean my adorable, well-behaved children will be there. I'm sure it'll be fiiiine.

Until next week! So much to do, never enough time : )

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