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P&Pandemonium Cover.jpeg

Privateers & Pandemonium
Salvage Treasure BOOK 3


Have you ever wanted to hunt down the galaxy’s worst pirates? To stand up for what’s right and honorable?
Reggie and his small clan didn’t set out to be privateers. They set out to find the lost pirate ship of Captain Pordobel. When they hit a dead-end in their hunt, though, they contacted their old pirate buddies for help. After all, Pordobel was not only the galaxy’s most fearsome pirate, he was also the galaxy’s richest pirate. If the group can find his lost flagship, there will be more than enough treasure to go around.
But not everything goes according to plan. 
If any pirate ever matched Pordobel’s bloodthirsty atrocities, it would be Captain Parson and his Predators. And they’re expanding their reach.
Armed with a writ from Emperor Dahkal, the clan sets out to put a stop Parson once and for all. But Parson is no ordinary pirate. He’s the head of the pirate council and commands an entire armada.
Will they stop Parson and end his rampage? Will they ever find the lost pirate ship of Captain Pordobel? Will Maddy ever get her umbrellas?
One thing is certain—there will be pandemonium.

Pirates Cover_edited.jpg

Pirates & Payback
Salvage Treasure BOOK 2


Everyone has dreamed about becoming a pirate, from the swashbuckling sea dogs of old to the space-age pirate captain weaving his way through an asteroid field to avoid pursuit. Oftentimes, they’re looking for payback on someone who has horribly wronged them. That’s what Reggie, Maddy, Ed, and Harold have on their minds. Our favorite Joongee are back, and they’re determined to settle a few scores.
But it’s a little difficult when you don’t have enough credit for the gate fee, and you’re on the run due to some minor assault charges and a teeny tiny office fire. Fortunately, Reggie knows just the low-down scallywag who can help them out of their predicament. So long as Reggie doesn’t punch him in the face first, too.
Nothing in this galaxy is free, though. The pirates want a little help in return, and Reggie will have to become the very thing he hates the most in order to succeed. Can Reggie, Maddy, Harold, and Ed reclaim what’s rightfully theirs, or are they simply out of luck? One thing is certain, though: there will be payback.

Hunters & Hijinks ebook cover.jpg

Hunters & Hijinks
Salvage Treasure BOOK 1


Have you ever wanted to quit your soul-sucking hell of a day job, tell your supervisors exactly what you think of them, set the office on fire, jump in your slightly used spaceship and scour the galaxy for lost treasures? Of course, you have. And Reggie, Maddy, Ed, and Harold are no different.
Joongee aren’t supposed to like adventure. Quite the opposite, in fact. They’re supposed to like safe, quiet office jobs, become engineers, programmers, or whatever keeps them away from a battlefield or anything remotely dangerous. But after one disappointment too many, Reggie decides that maybe, just maybe, there’s something to Harold’s crazy obsession with the mystery of the Lost Weapons of Koroth. There must be more to life than dying by slow inches in a cubicle. Right? He knows he’s got to do something soon, because if he doesn’t get his small clan away from Galactic Solutions, Maddy really will set the office on fire.
But the galaxy is a dangerous, unforgiving place. It’s full of pirates, overly enthusiastic and sparkly Ahkal-Tiki, and savvy business Krugeri whose minds are as sharp as their claws. It takes cunning, heart, and a whole lot of luck to survive.
Can our office workers-turned-adventurers navigate the treacherous galactic currents, follow the clues, and discover the treasure? Or will they find themselves begging to return to the old 9-to-5?
One thing is certain—there are bound to be hijinks along the way.

"A rollicking good time. Steverson and Olthoff have delivered a comedy adventure series as funny as it is fast-paced."
—Christopher Ruocchio, Award-Winning Author of the Sun Eater Series


Knightfall Under Keros


Kailey Jackson never expected to add mercenary to her resume. She’s an Asur specialist and a language geek, not a battle-hardened fighter, but when her new mercenary friends offered her a position with the Knights, she accepted. And, although she’s not an elite merc, she’s determined to get better—not to prove anyone wrong, but to prove to herself that she belongs. Especially on the days where she doubts herself the most.

Unfortunately, Andre Lykaios hasn’t forgotten about his defeat on Shippo. Worse, unlike some of the mercenaries in the Lancers, he knows exactly how valuable a resource Kailey can be. When an opportunity arises for him to take his revenge, he strikes without hesitation. Now, the Knights are at his mercy, and Kailey is left with no choice but to help him break into an Asur outpost.

The vault door might have the most complex rune structure she’s ever seen, but she’s not about to quit. Not when her friends will be the ones to pay the price for her failure. She has no choice but to outsmart the Asur and succeed… and hopefully thwart the Syndicate’s plans in the process. But can Kailey decipher the runes fast enough, or has she finally run into a riddle she can’t solve?





All Kailey Jackson ever wanted to do was study the lost civilization of the Asur in peace. When she proposed an archaeological investigation into the ruins on Shippo, home of the fox-like Kitsoonay who raised her, she had no idea the infamous Badar Syndicate was funding the dig, or that they would use it as a cover to invade her world. Now, Shippo is under attack, and Kailey and her Kitsoonay sister Jinx barely escaped the Syndicate with the help of the Lancers mercenary unit. The Lancers are going to take their planet back, but they can’t go in blind. Kailey, feeling responsible for the attack, volunteers to lead the scout mission back to Shippo. The Syndicate is expecting her return, after all, one way or another. So what if it puts her life in danger? So what if she isn’t a fighter? Kailey is willing to do whatever it takes to fix what she broke, even if it means putting herself back in the hands of the very organization killing her people. Because sometimes…sometimes you have to fight to protect what you love.



PI First Missions Cover_edited.jpg

The Phoenix Initiative: First Missions

War is Coming!

Nigel Shirazi, the Speaker of the Merc Guild, knows that war is coming and he’s not ready. He needs to build up the mercenary forces after years of war, and he’s proclaimed the Phoenix Initiative to give people who want to start new companies the opportunity to do so. CASPers are cheaper and financed at lower rates, and the government of Earth is offering bounties to take the mercs from alien races off the planet. Now is the time!

Hearing the call to arms, a diverse group of startups, including a number of non-conventional ones and ones that originated on some of the colony worlds, have just taken their first missions. These are some of their stories.

Welcome back to the Four Horsemen universe, where only a willingness to fight and die for money separates Humans from the majority of the other races. Edited by bestselling authors and universe creators Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy, “The Phoenix Initiative: First Missions” includes seventeen all-new stories in the Four Horsemen universe by a variety of bestselling authors—and some you may not have heard of…yet. Are you ready to strap on a CASPer and go out to make your fortune? Then it’s time to read the stories of these mercs and learn the lessons they’ve already figured out for you!

Old Age and Treachery Cover_edited.jpg

We Dare: Old Age and Treachery

Never underestimate an old man in a business where men die young.

War is a young man’s game, and one where failure usually leads to your death. There’s a reason some people survive when others don’t—they’re faster, stronger, smarter, and usually luckier than everybody else—and you antagonize them at your own peril!

From knowing how to judge the intelligence data to understanding how to play “the long game,” or just having the experience from past operations to be able to tell when things are about to go wrong, these old men and women know what they’re doing… and woe betide the new recruits who don’t listen. Be careful, because that old timer sitting next to you—the one who doesn’t say much—may have a skill or maybe even a robot that’s going to kick your butt!

For, as the old-timers know, an ounce of experience is worth a pound of youthful exuberance!

Valkyries anthology cover.jpg

The Valkyries Initiative

Female Assassins—Apply Here!

In Hit World, everything is legal—if you pay the right amount to the right person with the right paperwork. LifeEnders, Inc. has made a lot of money taking all kinds of targets off the board—everything from an annoying boss to a rampaging monster from another dimension.

But there are some things no contract can cover. When a rival organization threatens to eat LEI from the inside out, they’ll need something beyond their licensed Shooters to counter their new enemy.

They’ll need Valkyries.

Meet the first fifteen women who may be tapped for the Valkyries Initiative. Through murder, magic, and mayhem, these women might save the world… or end it.



The world has Fallen, but life goes on…

In the late 2020’s and early 30’s corporations managed to render the major governments of the world obsolete. The big corporations owned most of the territories as well as the majority of the world’s wealth. While many of the old traditions were still observed in various parts of the world, the true power was with the corporations.

In the late 30’s, what would be known as the Corporate Wars began as larger companies initiated hostile takeovers in a whole new fashion. Employees, armed with corporate weapons, warred for dominance. It was a bloody time, and many small corporations were destroyed, as were a lot of civilians in the wrong place at the wrong time… as well as those who’d been buying the wrong products.

On May 1st, 2067, it all ended in nuclear fire.

Fifteen outstanding authors have come to this Fallen World with stories that take place from the islands off the coast of Massachusetts to the California coast; from the swamps of Louisiana to the mountains of Colorado. These stories not only show you the Fall… but introduce you to some of the people who might just drag civilization back from the embers…



Beasts and monsters walk among us!

Changelings, Ogres, Medusae, and other fantastic creatures all have tales to tell, tales that show they’re more than simply horrors in the night or foes worthy of heroes to defeat.

Fifteen of these tales are here in Talons & Talismans I.

A necromancer tries to save a zombie from a broken heart. A medusa searches for someone who sees her and doesn’t have a heart of stone. Werewolves mourn lost families while seeking new ones. And, of course, there are Dragons, including one who must choose between his hoard and a new friend.

Will these monsters remain monstrous, or will they become something more than simply a beast? Come and find out.

it takes all kinds cover sept 13.jpg


It Takes All Kinds…Of Aliens!

Harmon Tomeral and his friends wanted nothing more than to go to space, and they have beaten the odds, time and again. They developed a mech and won the Top Fleet Marine Competition. They brought back a battlecruiser from an unknown system and made it their own. They made allies who helped them achieve great victories, and they ultimately founded new colonies in what has become known as the Salvage System.

The galaxy is a big place, though, peopled with thousands of races, and most haven’t graced the pages of a Salvage Title book…until now.

“It Takes All Kinds” contains fourteen all-new stories showcasing some of the aliens in the Salvage Universe, and helps give a wider view of the galaxy as events continue to transpire in The Coalition series. From smugglers you’ve seen before to races and their pets that you haven’t, one thing’s for sure—Harmon Tomeral will be there to stick up for the little guy. From aliens looking for that special guitar to AI’s looking for a little more life, it’s all in here. Just remember, though—Laney ain’t recruiting!

Inside are potential allies for Harmon Tomeral and his friends…as well as some of the adversaries who are lining up against Salvage System. Who are these new races? Take a look inside and find out!

We Dare No Mans Land cover.jpg


We Dare: No Man's Land

Ripley facing down the Xenomorph Queen. Sarah Connor fighting the Terminator. David Weber’s Honor Harrington. Science fiction novels and the silver screen are full of badass women kicking butt and taking names. Sometimes it’s the momma bear persona stepping up to defend her young, but, other times, she’s just the meanest one standing—bionic arm or not!

Edited by Jamie Ibson and Chris Kennedy, “We Dare: No Man’s Land” is a collection of 15 all-new stories with female leads. Whether it’s changing an engine on the outside of a spaceship’s hull or chasing SimNACs through the jungle, these heroines have only one goal in mind—to win at all costs! From defending asteroid bases to searching giant space stations, these women get the job done!

What makes female leads great? Does it matter—these women are incredible! Be warned though—they may be referred to as the “fairer” sex, but don’t cross these ladies, or you’re gonna get what you have coming! The authors dared write about these awesome women; will you dare to join them on their adventures? If so, step inside. But beware…this is No Man’s Land!



Fifteen tremendous authors. Fifteen extraordinary stories. One outstanding anthology.

It is a time of high adventure! A time for heroes to say “No!” to the evils that will befall their families and friends if they don’t rise to the task at hand…even if they don’t want to! If they won’t take up arms and spells on behalf of their people, civilization will fall.

Fifteen exceptional authors have spun tales of reluctant heroes—people often like you and me, who didn’t think they were worthy, needed, or even “the right one for the job.” Sometimes all they have going for them is that they’re the wrong person at the wrong time. When there’s no one else, though, a hero must do what’s necessary, whether that’s fighting demons, the undead, or an unconquerable enemy.

Songs of Valor focuses on heroes rising to the challenge presented them. An untrained human facing an ancient dragon. A necromancer fighting a demon in the land of the elves. A dragon rider well past her prime coming back to protect the ones she loves. An over-the-hill fighter who does what he must to stem the tide of evil.

Inside are fifteen incredible stories of heroes rising to the occasion. Their willingness to brave the peril, though, doesn’t guarantee their success. If their valor should fail, all indeed will be lost! Will they succeed? Step inside and find out!



Flights of Fantasy
Do you believe in hidden worlds…and romance? “Flights of Fantasy” proves that love always deserves a happy ending…no matter what species you are!

Come along as the incarnation of Death tries to negotiate life as a high school senior, a shape-shifting centaur tries to do the right thing, and a valkyrie tries to guard her boss…who just happens to be a phoenix!

With characters who find love at the circus, or learn their boyfriend is now a werewolf, or who have to deal with the man of their dreams being turned into a vampire in front of their eyes, “Flights of Fantasy” delivers romance to strike every reader’s fancy…and fantasy.

Like a flight of food or beverages, “Flights of Fantasy” has a variety of short stories from talented authors you know and love, as well as some others you may not know—yet. Take a look and find a new hidden world to love!


Shadows before Sunrise V4.png



Solve the riddle. Find the treasure. Save their home.

Such a simple plan. What could possibly go wrong? 

When Kailey Jackson found the coordinates to an undiscovered Asur outpost, she never thought things would get quite so… complicated. Or dangerous.

Before their disappearance, the enigmatic Asur scattered outposts across the galaxy. Outposts stocked with advanced weapons, mechs, and more credit than most beings see in their lifetime. They left clues behind, riddles wrapped in songs, that few are able to understand, let alone solve. 

But Kailey specializes in the Asur. She knows how they think, knows how to translate their runes. With her Kitsoonay sister Jinx at her side, she thought they could handle any competition—until the Badar Syndicate gets involved. A chance meeting with the Lancers mercenary company might just be the help they so desperately need.

Can they solve the riddle in time to secure the treasure? Or will the Badar Syndicate find them first?

No matter how dangerous things get, Kailey refuses to quit. Not when failure could mean losing everything. . . and everyone.

Oathbreaker Cover.png


A soldier sworn to uphold her duty. 

A deserter on the run from his sworn oaths. 

An immortal Angel in pursuit.

When Nora volunteered to do the supply run for Fort Mountain Home, she never expected to find an old friend along the way back. A powerful mage of the Angel Army, Michael is on the run and just about out of options. Brought back to Mountain Home for desperately-needed healing, Michael is forced to accept help from the unlikeliest of heroes. 

Now, Nora and her ragtag command of magic-less throwbacks are all that stand between their old friend and an Angel who will stop at nothing to retrieve what was stolen.

Can the oathbound and an oathbreaker complete one final mission together to save their world?  

Shatter Me Cover.jpg


Hannah was just fine with how her life was going. She had a stable job, a best friend, and a comfortable life. 

What did it matter if she wasn’t happy? What did it matter if her life was as boring and predictable as clockwork? It was hers, and she’d earned every bit of it. So when her very much ex-boyfriend shows up on her doorstep one night after vanishing for six years, she’s tempted to kick him out without listening to a word he says—but she’d always been a sucker for those green eyes and tonight was no different. Matt’s crazy story of monsters and magic was as unbelievable as his proof was undeniable. 

Six years was a long time for someone to change. Will Hannah trust the man she once loved and break the chains binding her...or will she stick to her clockwork path? 

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