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Roadtripping During the Apocalypse

What better way to celebrate the end of the world than to take One Last Road Trip with your friends? In the Last Brigade Universe's newest anthology, Standing Against All Odds, that's exactly what my characters do -- but not exactly for frivolous reasons. What do you do when everything is falling apart around you and it's no longer safe to stay home? You convoy up with your best friends and get the hell outta dodge. Of course, not everything goes smoothly during the apocalypse.

From the back cover: When society dies, the predators are unleashed… until they run into people who refuse to become victims. No one knows that better than the nine best-selling authors in this book, all of whom are veterans of the United States armed forces or law enforcement. Facing death and danger comes with the territory, as they know all too well. Now they have applied their literary skills to the Last Brigade Universe. With incredible stories set from Alaska to the Tennessee River, and across the entire fifty years after the Collapse, you might need to remind yourself to breathe.

Join the Last Brigade here:

If horror is more your style, don't forget about Thirteen Stories of Horror. Just don't forget to keep a light on. Don't say I didn't warn you ; )

You can also catch the book launch where a bunch of us got to talk about our stories. Fair warning. We went off the rails pretty darn quick. You're welcome LOL

On the writing side of the house, the first chapter of my Depik Companion novel is complete! Only. . . a lot to go lol. But it's a start. Salvage Bunny 3 edits are ongoing, but so far the feedback is GOOD. I'm so dang happy!!

Until next week, folks!!

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