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New Year, New Books!!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a great holiday season. I celebrated with my family, spoiled the heck out of my kids, and used my vacation to get some writing stuff done. What kind of writing stuff? Oh, no big, just submitted Knightfall Under Keros, AKA Salvage Bunny 2, AKA the sequel to my first novel, Sunrise Over Shippo, to my publisher!!

I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!! I can't wait for ya'll to see what Kailey and her mercenary friends have been up to. The Salvage Bunny is training to be a mercenary with the Knights, gets to explore some Asur ruins, and runs afoul of Andre, the villain of Sunrise. Things get a little dicey, limits are tested, characters are tortured. . .seriously, I love this story to pieces. Salvage Bunny 3 (which 100% does not have a working title yet because I suck at those) is more or less plotted out, and after I clear up my current commitments, I'll be diving right in!

The really funny thing is Knightfall is actually the fourth novel I finished in 2022. My Valkyries novel, Shadows May Fall, was the first, and that's with Marisa Wolf (our amazing head Valkyrie). Nick Steverson and I finished space hyenas one and two, and are about 95% done with book three. It's taken a little longer than anticipated, but we both have kids. They're definitely the priority always, but especially around Christmas time.

Regardless, going from one novel written in 2021 to dang near FIVE in 2022 is so freaking cool. Space hyenas is a blast, Valkyries is totally my jam, and Salvage Bunny is my first love. I have no complaints. None. This remains hands down the coolest thing I've ever gotten to do.

Here's to a great 2023!!

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