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It's Valkyries Initiative Week!!

Gah!!!!! I'm so freaking excited!! Four days, just four days until the kickoff of The Valkyries Initiative!!! Is that too many exclamation points? Who cares!!!!

This anthology is just the beginning of a whole bunch of awesomeness, and I'm so deliriously happy to be a part of it. The amazingly delightful and ridiculously talented Marisa Wolf has put together one of the best anthologies in existence, and we can't wait for you to get your hands on it this Friday!

But wait, there's more! Marisa asked me to do a full-length novel for my Valkyrie Athena! <Happy dance around my kitchen while my dogs look on in bafflement WOOT> Not only is it written, it's already in Marisa's hands for editing.

Ya'll, when I say I'm in love with Athena and her reluctant partner Sebastian, I don't think that properly conveys my level of obsession. I maaaaaaay have already halfway plotted out book two, and I randomly came up with the title for the completely unplotted book three yesterday, so yeah. That happened LOL.

In anticipation of The Valkyries Initiative release, Marisa did a round of interviews with all of the authors. You can find my interview here:

Fair warning, there's a lot of shenanigans and mad cackling, which seems to be typical when I get anywhere near Marisa. One of my favorite questions from that interview was who would I want to play my characters if my story was ever made into a movie.

For Athena, I think Alicia Vikander would do a fantastic job. She was amazing in the newest Tomb Raider movie, and she could absolutely do Athena's feistiness and refusal to quit justice!

For Sebastian...did I mention that my Valkyries story is Urban Fantasy Romance with a slow burn, enemies to lovers spin? Why? Because I write what I love to read, and I love a good enemies to lovers story. Sebastian is snarky, and grumpy, and sarcastic...combine that with Marisa telling me I NEED to watch Supernatural, and it's probably not a shocker that I picture Jensen Ackles in that role.

Speaking of Shenanigans, the fabulous Jeff Burns and Francis Fernandez invited me back to their awesome podcast, Super Geeked Up! I'll be on this Wednesday, 14 Sep, at 10pm Eastern with Mark Stallings (eh, he's okay...just kidding Mark!). We're going to talk geeky stuff, get up to some hijinks, and play some games. I'll probably make an ass of myself, but that's half the fun, so tune in!

As if that's not enough, I'll also be on Inside CKP Live this Friday to celebrate the launch of The Valkyries Initiative!! I can promise you shenanigans, amazing authors, and mad cackling. Lots of mad cackling. Fine, ALL the mad cackling!! Come party with us this Friday, 16 Sep, at 9PM Eastern. Here's the link:

For my Salvage fans, don't worry. I'm still hard at work on Salvage Bunny 2, and Nick and I have passed the halfway mark on space hyenas 2 as of this weekend. Sooooo many hijinks and shenanigans coming to Salvage. That's it for this week, gotta get my butt in gear if I'm going to hit my word counts with all this craziness going on!!

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