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Hawaiian Shirts Make Great Camouflage

So I just got off the phone from a two-hour plotting session with my co-author, Nick Steverson. We've got the final details for the last part of space hyenas 3 figured out, and we're barreling down the homestretch. As you can probably guess, space hyenas is going to be FUN. While it does get serious at times, we're having a blast with being utterly and completely ridiculous. That includes putting a big, blue Yalteen in an eye-searingly bright Hawaiian shirt. It's part of his camouflage, because it's hard to take anyone seriously in an oversized Hawaiian shirt. Just saying.

In Salvage Bunny news, SB2 is with Kevin Steverson, the universe creator. He'll read through it and let me know if there's anything that needs to be tweaked. After one last round of edits, I'll send it off to the big boss. I'm. So. Excited!! Seriously, all the excited over here. I'm so in love with the story, and I can't wait for you all to get your hands on it. Kailey goes through a loooooot in this one (sorry not sorry), but she comes out stronger for it. Also, Midjourney is still a massive rabbit hole (hehehe), but sometimes it throws out some seriously awesome images that match what's actually in my head.

I'm going to work on more character images before SB2 comes out. I'll share them with you all first in the blog, then drop them on my FB page. Speaking of character art. . .oh freaking boy did I ever get some good ones for Valkyries. I'll share them soon, I promise! How about a Valkyries novel title drop to tide you over? Titles are really hard, in case you didn't know. For the longest time I had a good title. . .only to realize that it was already taken by a really big name in the Urban Fantasy genre. Oops? So then it shifted to "F if I know". But, BUT, the ever amazing Marisa Wolf had the BEST idea for the title. (Is the suspense killing you? It sure was killing me LOL).

Athena and Sebastian's upcoming novel is tentatively titled Shadows May Fall. Which is perfect. For REASONS. Super awesome, possibly world-ending reasons. I'm diving into edits on the novel this week now that I've got a little breathing room with SB2 off my plate. I should probably get to it. Later taters!

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