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From Salvage Bunnies to 4HU Ducks

I said what I said! While everyone else is fighting over cool, tough nicknames like Honey Badger, I'm over here with my Salvage Bunny, and space hyenas, and my newest character, a badass dropship pilot with the awesome callsign Ducky. For REASONS. Honestly, since creating Ducky, I can't stop with the duck jokes. It's too ducking easy. Autocorrect is even helping me out for once LOL

The newest 4HU anthology, First Missions, is out this Friday. It's my first story in the 4HU, and I'm super excited!! Where it started: a bottle of Jeremiah Weed, a rubber duck, and a dropship pilot out on her first contract. Where it ended: characters I'm not willing to let go of, and an awesome lead into my next project, a Depik Companion novel. DUCK ME is a braided assault story that ties in with Casey Moores' story, BUFF ORPINGTON AND THE SINISTER SCIENTIST BUNNIES (how's that for an awesome title!). I promise you explosions, CASPer battles, fluffy chipmunks of chaos, a snarky hot guy (because I mean come on. . . this is me we're talking about), and a dropship pilot all out of ducks to give.

Damn I love Midjourney. Just don't ask me how many iterations it took to get both Ducky and the drop ship right LOL. In writing news, I'm at 75K for SB3. I went on a weekend trip with the family, and while I didn't get any writing done, I did have some good driving thoughts. I went back and rewrote a pivotal scene last night, and it turned out much better than the original (and I already thought the original was pretty dang awesome). I'm trucking right along with SB3 and I anticipate having the rough draft finished by the end of July. We'll see. Life loves throwing curve balls at us when we make promises. . . or wrenches LOL

In other projects, as soon as my author twin, Nick Steverson, is done with his LBU short story, we're going to knock out a short story for a horror anthology for Three Ravens publishing. Then a secret mil scifi short story, and THEN it's on to space hyenas four!! Woohoo!! I'm so freaking happy. I've got no shortage of fun projects on the horizon, and I'm having a blast. What more could a writer ask for? Oh yeah, a bunch of awesome friends who make this writing thing an amazing experience. I'm well aware of how lucky I am, and I can't wait to see everyone at LibertyCon next week!!

Until next week, folks!!

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