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A Pirate's Life for Maddy!!

Avast ye scurvy dogs!! Pirate Queen Maddy has declared that Mondays are perfect for payback. As in PIRATES & PAYBACK, book two of space hyena shenanigans!! We're both very grateful for everyone who took the time to share our new release, read it, talk about it, and review it. We appreciate every one of you. And guess what? We were the NUMBER ONE new release on Amazon's Action & Adventure list!! Our first orange tag. Nick and I couldn't be happier.

If you haven't read it yet, we can't wait to hear what you guys think of the latest craziness Reggie, Maddy, Harold, Ed, and Boo get up to in the Salvage Title Universe. I'll give you a hint. There's pirates. . . and a whole lot of payback. What kind of payback? Well, you'll just have to grab a copy and see for yourself. Maddy does NOT approve of spoilers, mateys.

Well. . . maybe just a little spoiler. Want to see something really cool? Of course you do!! Here's the cover for space hyenas 3, PRIVATEERS & PANDEMONIUM!! Isn't is just GORGEOUS? (Did you read that in Aurelian's voice, because I sure did LOL)

You can also catch Nick, Jeremy (our amazing host), and me being all goofy and pirate-y on Inside CKP here:

In other SUPER EXCITING news, the eARC for the latest 4HU anthology, The Phoenix Initiative: First Missions, is out to early readers and will release June 16!! Seventeen kickass stories by eighteen kickass authors.

I've got my debut 4HU story in there and I had such a blast writing it. Why? Because I got to spend hours cackling. . . I mean plotting out a braided assault story with my writing mentor and friend Casey Moores!! Look for BUFF ORPINGTON AND THE SINISTER SCIENTIST BUNNIES by Casey, and DUCK ME, by, well, me!! My story idea started with a bottle of Jeremiah Weed, a rubber duck, and a dropship pilot out on her first contract. What could possibly go wrong? Just don't ask why the chipmunk thinks he's in charge, and everything will be juuuuust fine.

And now if you'll excuse me, things are getting a little exciting for the Salvage Bunny, and she's getting a lot impatient for me to get back to writing. SB3 is currently at 70K and climbing, woohoo!! Until next week folks!!

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