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Hijinks, Payback, and ALL the Pandemonium!!

A clan of space hyenas ditch the cubicle hell of Galactic Solutions and go in search of legendary lost treasures. Along the way they encounter pirates, cut-throat business tycoons, overly-ambitious mall security officers, and even the emperor of Sheinrah. Can this band of office workers turned adventurers fend off the dangers of the universe? Will they ever find any treasure? And most importantly, will poor Maddy ever get her umbrellas? Find out today!!

Want to know where the Salvage Bunny's story began? Here's your chance! Shadows Before Sunrise, originally published in It Takes All Kinds anthology, available now on Amazon!



A soldier sworn to uphold her duty. 

A deserter on the run from his sworn oaths. 

An immortal Angel in pursuit.

When Nora volunteered to do the supply run for Fort Mountain Home, she never expected to find an old friend along the way back. A powerful mage of the Angel Army, Michael is on the run and just about out of options. Brought back to Mountain Home for desperately-needed healing, Michael is forced to accept help from the unlikeliest of heroes. 

Now, Nora and her ragtag command of magic-less throwbacks are all that stand between their old friend and an Angel who will stop at nothing to retrieve what was stolen.

Can the oathbound and an oathbreaker complete one final mission together to save their world?  

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“Being a writer is basically making all your imaginary friends pay rent.”

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