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Whyyyyyy is it so COLD??

Yes, I know it's November, but I live in the south for a reason ya'll. It went from 80F to 35F in two days, and I am not okay with this. Somebody broke the thermostat in Memphis, and I'd really appreciate it if it was fixed ASAP. . .unrelated, does anyone know a good real estate agent in Florida? Possibly the Caribbean? Apparently, I didn't move far enough south, and I'd really like to correct that oversight LOL

In Salvage Bunny news, I've got the first two chapters rewritten, and the third chapter planned out, so that's progressing nicely. I know that doesn't sound like much, but I'm taking about eight chapters worth of shenanigans, picking out the parts I want to keep, adding new parts to set up things that happen later in the story, and punching up the writing to match my current skill level. It's been a great exercise in editing. I've asked myself 'does this really need to be here or do I just WANT it here' a number of times, and more than once I've been surprised by the answer. Yes, I have conversations with myself. I'm a writer, this should surprise nobody.

Space Hyenas three is rocketing along. We're already at 40K. . .in two weeks!! That's insane. And awesome. Half of me thinks we write these stories so fast because they're just a ton of fun. The other half fully acknowledges that I've got a competitive streak a mile wide, so when my co-author dumps in 8K in one sitting, I do my best to match him. But mostly. . .space hyenas are FUN. Nick and I spent about an hour on the phone yesterday adding some truly ridiculous things to the plot (don't look at me like that, I swear there's a plot!). We probably could've finished the conversation in half the time, but SOMEBODY wouldn't stop laughing. . .it was me.

At one point, I was actually cry-laughing. If any of you folks reading these stories laugh half as hard as we did writing them, I'll consider it a win. That's not to say space hyenas doesn't have a plot, or serious moments, or heart. . .but they're also meant to be ridiculous, and crazy, and FUN. Because at the end of the day, writing is still the coolest thing I've ever gotten to do. I get so excited to share my stories with you guys, to see cool cover art and midjourney AI insanity, to dive down the strangest research rabbit holes, to talk shop with my fellow authors. . .to just totally nerd out about all this book stuff. Space hyenas is kind of an outlet for all that dorky happiness. And I can't wait for ya'll to read them : )

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1 Comment

Nov 16, 2022

Mel, to say I’m so proud of you is an understatement!

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