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Trick or Treat!!

Halloween decided it wanted to play a trick on me. I made my coffee this morning -and when I say coffee, I mean caffeinated chocolate milk - took one sip, and dumped it down the sink. Spoiled milk does not taste good, folks. So now I'm uncaffeinated on Halloween, my most favorite of holidays, and I'm seriously grumpy about it LOL

So, funny story. A few days ago, my kids asked how many days until my birthday. I looked at them like they were nuts. My birthday is in November, which is like a billion days away. Then I glanced at the calendar. HOW is it November already? I know, I know, technically today is the last day of October, but dang, this month flew past! I'd blame FactoryCon, but that week was straight-up AMAZING.

I've also gotten a ton of work done. . .did I mention that two out of three space hyena books are complete? Hehehe. I'll be working on editing book two this week before Nick and I send it off to Kevin Steverson so he can read it and give us his stamp of approval. Nick, otherwise known as the Supreme Overlord of Word Vomit, got us started on book 3 this weekend and holy crap. . .not only are we already at 11K, it's really good. Seriously, I know I give Nick a lot of crap, but he's so talented, and he wrote some killer scenes this weekend. It also doesn't hurt that working with him is a BLAST.

Also, also. . .

I wrote the last chapter of Salvage Bunny 2 this weekend!! I'm SUPER excited but also not because of that whole 'rewrite the beginning' thing LOL. I've got to properly set up a few things that happen later in the story, and cut about 20K (not even joking, my rough draft is fluffy as a bunny in the middle of winter), but it'll be a much better story when I'm done.

Anyways, gotta run! SO much on my plate this week and not nearly enough time to do everything!!

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