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The Origin of the Salvage Bunny

Ever wanted to know how Kailey Jackson, AKA the Salvage Bunny, met the Lancers mercenary company? You're in luck! If you haven't read the short story, Shadows Before Sunrise, I've just put it up on Amazon with a shiny new cover courtesy of the talented Jamie Ibson.

It was originally published in the Salvage Title Universe Anthology, It Takes All Kinds. That short story is what led to the universe creator, Kevin Steverson, asking me for a novel. And then he said "Just kidding! What I meant to say was a trilogy." LOL. To be clear, I am NOT complaining. However, it's become a running joke in CKP that if you come up with a great idea, Kevin Steverson will magically appear and demand a trilogy from you. I've lost count of the number I owe him. I think I'm up to four at this point! Again, zero complaints.

On the writing side, I just broke 10K on Salvage Bunny 3 this weekend. Not too bad for less than two weeks of work, especially with how busy things have been between the Confinement trip, day job, and kids. The story is picking up steam, and Kailey is about to have a very bad time of things. Again. Don't worry though, she'll survive, and even be happy at the end. It's the last book in the trilogy after all, and she deserves a happy ending (so to speak!) after all the shenanigans I've put her through. Don't worry though, this won't be the last book to feature the Salvage Bunny crew!!

In other news, I'm prepping for my next con already (and by con I mean convention, not potential criminal heist. . .though that could be fun too). This time it's FantaSci, held in Raleigh, NC, March 24-26. I'm super excited and can't wait to see everyone. I'll post my panel schedule on my FB page later today. In the meantime, I'm trying to get ahead on day job, housework, taxes, annual appraisal stuff for day job. . .

(An actual picture of me trying to handle ALL THE THINGS and still have time to write)

Anyways, if I'm going to get anything else done today, I need to get to it. Until next week folks!!

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