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The Art of Letting Yourself Fail

Did I write a blog post last week? No, no I did not. I've set a goal to write a weekly blog post, and last week I didn't meet that goal. I failed. But here's the thing - I failed on purpose. Goals are a great thing in theory. They keep us on track, help us monitor progress, and give us a way to hold ourselves accountable. In practice, we can't always meet those goals because life looooves throwing us curveballs. Those chores might take a little longer than planned, something might break (hopefully not you), or you just might say 'screw it, I'm taking my kids to the park.' Which I did. I considered writing my blog post a day later, but my day job was a little too busy and I was left with a choice - write my blog post, or hit my daily word count goal. Sometimes, we just can't manage to hit all the goals we've set for ourselves, so we've got to prioritize. I'm so dang close to finishing this 4HU novel I can taste victory, and so I chose to prioritize hitting my word count goal (which I did mwhahahaha). And then I decided to let myself fail my blog post goal for that week. Rather than stress about carving out time on Tuesday or Wednesday, I gave myself a hall pass. And you know what? The world didn't end. The goal police didn't show up to arrest me. I didn't even beat myself up!

Like I said, goals are great in theory, but in practice, sometimes we've just got to let ourselves fail and try to hit it the next time. And here I am, writing my blog post on Sunday, just like I planned. Go me.

(My kid picked out this gif, he said it was so cute. Honestly, can't disagree lol)

On the writing side, I'm about 10K shy of finishing my Depik Companion novel. It's a chonky thing (soooo many words), but I think it'll be good. 4HU readers like chonky books, right? Look, the voices in my head have a lot to say. On the plus side, this book is practically writing itself. 120K words in two months is pretty freaking good for me considering day job and kids (and a husband who occasionally wants me to pay attention to him). Here's a sneak peak of the section I'm working on now. Welcome to Iskandar. . .

And on that note, I've got some writing to do if I'm going to hit my big goal of finishing this draft by the end of the year. Until next week, folks!

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