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The Art of Cheerleading

I don’t know about you guys, but I did not get where I am today on my own. I’ve got a great publisher and excellent author friends who have helped me in all the ways. Without the anthology open call opportunities Chris Kennedy provides at CKP, I wouldn’t have gotten my first short story published. Without those most excellent author friends sharing writing tips and tricks of the trade, I wouldn’t have continuously leveled up my writing and marketing skills. Heck, without Casey Moores going “Heyyyyy”, I might never have started writing again in the first place! My point is, the publishing industry can be a tough place, and it’s so much better when we support each other. So, with that in mind, GUESS WHAT?!? Tomorrow is the release day for Marisa Wolf’s FIRST SOLO novel, a freaking BAEN novel, a freaking novel that broke my brain in the best way possible and I am ALL THE FREAKING EXCITED!!

I cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this book!! Mil scifi with humor and heart and all the awesome girl and her tank vibes you could ever ask for!! I am all the smug that I got to alpha read this. In fact, I got to alpha read it twice, and even knowing what was coming, it still broke my brain a second time. I don’t ask for much, but I’m going to need everyone to go out and get this book, because I need a sequel, I demand a sequel!! Because Team Breezy FTW!! (also because bendy hotness, but that’s another matter entirely LOL)

Guys, I’m not going to lie, I freaking LOVE cheerleading my friends on. Success and wins come in all shapes and sizes, and we should celebrate every last one. Why? Because rising tide, because sharing their success on social media isn’t difficult, because we SHOULD be happy for our friends. Because I love my friends, and I love when they succeed. End of story.

In writing news, I’m 14K into a new novel (in my own universe!!) and I’m having a freaking blast. Also, I’ve got two releases coming up – Fallout on Darsaana on March 1, and Companions in Chains on March 8!! I’m so dang excited and proud, and I can’t wait for you guys to read them. Also also, I’m on my way to Superstars in Colorado for the week! It’s a super cool writing conference where we can learn more tricks of the trade, both on the writing side of the house and marketing. It’s going to be a great time, and I swear I’ll try to post pictures!! Until next time, folks!!

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