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Surprise - THE END!!

Okay, so the fact that I typed 'the end' on SB3 was kind of a surprise to me too! I had originally planned a trilogy for the Salvage Bunny, but the third book kept growing and growing. I passed 100K, and I still had a major section to go, with plans for a knock-down, drag-out space battle and an epic final showdown with our bad guy, Andre. My publisher wisely asked, "Are you sure it's not two books?" I laughed for a hot second and then I thought about it and went. . . huh. Maybe it's two books. My gut said he was right. After talking it out with my Definitely Evil Twin, Nick, my brain agreed with my gut. Chris Kennedy knows his stuff, ya'll, and rule number two of CKP is "Be coachable." So I adjusted my plans, edited the last few scenes to wrap some things up and untie others, and wrote the final scene last night. SB3, which desperately needs an actual title, is done!! I'm pretty sure I've got a writing hangover LOL. I'm also pretty sure Salvage fans are going to love where the Knights ended up at the end of the story. This isn't a hint at allllll. . .

Of course, now I've got to actually edit this beast before I send it over to Nick and Casey to read. I'm really looking forward to it. I've had so many short story commitments this year that this book has taken a little longer than normal to write, and it'll be fun to see what I did months ago that I probably forgot about. Speaking of fun, I really love writing in a shared universe, especially when the other authors are willing to let me play with their characters (get your mind out of the gutter! Yes, I'm looking at you, Nick).

Which characters? Well, I guess you'll have to read the story to find out, but I'd love to hear your wildest theories. I'll start working on edits tomorrow so you don't have to wait too long. Today, I'm pretty much brain dead. I think I'm legit suffering from a writing hangover LOL.

Both of these gifs are accurate AF right now

Seriously, I think my mocha is broken. It's not working. Oh well, it's not like I've got anything on my schedule for tonight. . . crap. I mean, hey guys!! Guess who's going on Super Geeked Up with Marisa Wolf tonight at 10pm Eastern?! Wooooooo!! I promise you all the cackling and more than a little punchdrunk shenanigans. Will it be raunchy and dare I say, sinfully scifi? Yes. Will I probably snort-laugh my wine everywhere and be a total dork? Also, yes.

You can watch us be utter goofballs on YouTube:

All right folks, before I get to the fun tonight, I've got to finish the work. Like editing that horror short story. And my day job. Until next time!!

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