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Superstars Week!!

Two more days until Superstars!! I'm so excited to go learn ALL the things, see old friends, meet new friends, and get up to some shenanigans. . .okay, maybe a lot of shenanigans!!

Seriously, there's so much to learn about the business side of writing, so much I had NO IDEA even existed until I got started. It can be overwhelming, and I'm lucky to have such a great publisher in Chris Kennedy at CKP, and such a great group of fellow authors who have made this journey a little less. . .well, overwhelming. As much fun as Superstars will be, I'm going in with the mindset that I need to learn as much as possible (and share what I learn with certain coauthors who unfortunately can't make it this year). Writing is the best, coolest thing ever, and it will always be FUN (or else dun dun duuuuun). Here's the thing - writing and publishing are two different beasts. At the end of the day, publishing is a business, and I need to get smart on how to manage that side better.

On the writing side of the house, after doing a full edit on Space Hyenas 3, alpha reading a novel for a friend, alpha reading two (or was it three?) short stories for another friend, and writing just shy of 25K for two short stories of my own, all in January. . .my brain needed a break. I took a few days off to spend time with some family that came to town, hung out with my children, and watched some Netflix. It was a good break. Two days ago, my brain decided to start working again, and I figured out the missing half to Salvage Bunny 3. Moral of the story - sometimes we just need to give our poor, overworked brains a break and things will work out just fine.

Ya'll. . .Salvage Bunny 3 is going to be awesome. That missing half? Bad guys are gonna be bad guys, mwahahahaha!! Until next week ; )

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