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Space Hyenas and International Awesomeness

Holy crap ya'll - I've got a double release this week!! Did I realize I had a double release until about five minutes ago? No. No, I did not. My Monday definitely just got waaaaay better. Hunters & Hijinks, by me and my AMAZINGLY talented, kickass co-author Nick Steverson is out this Friday, 28 April, and we're so freaking excited!! We'll be on Inside CKP to talk all about our space hyenas. Look for the link on my Facebook page later this week, because you're not going to want to miss Nick and I being dumb and chaotic LOL.

Reggie, Maddy, Harold, and Ed are setting off on one hilarious, madcap fun adventure, and we cannot WAIT to hear what you guys think. In the meantime, check out this wholly accurate representation of the ship our adventurous space hyenas get stuck with. . . I mean, luck into because they totally, 100% know what they're doing!

And yes, that is the word 'HIADA' spray painted on the side. Want to know what HIADA means? So does Harold. You'll have to read the book to find out what HIADA means, and if our intrepid heroes get the treasure or end up losing everything. At the very least, we promise there will be plenty of hijinks along the way!!

So the other release that I hadn't really considered a release until now is *drumroll please* Sunrise Over Shippo!! That's right, my very first novel. Is it a new release? Yes and no. The story is the same, but the language is different. That's right! In about six hours, I'll be an international author, because Sunrise is releasing over in Germany!! How freaking COOL is that?! Speaking of cool, check out the cover!!

So. Freaking. AWESOME. Okay, deeeeep breaths. In writing news, Salvage Bunny 3 is at 45K. I might have broken 50K this weekend but my muse got a little, okay a LOT distracted. So distracted, in fact, that I jammed out 8K in less than three days and wrote an entirely unplanned fantasy short story. I blame H.Y. Gregor (she's awesome, but it's still entirely her fault. . . and yes, I thanked her). I am so freaking proud of this story. I want to hug it. That's all I can say about it for now, for reasons. In the meantime, poor Kailey is giving me some serious side eye, because I totally abandoned her in the middle of one epic AF space battle. I should probably get back to that, because she's tapping her fingers on the hilt of her Kitsoonay dagger and growling some very not nice things under her breath. Until next week!!

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