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Salvage Bunny 2 Out in the Wild!!

Knightfall Under Keros launched last Friday, 31 Mar, and hoooooo buddy was that one freaking AWESOME day!! Knightfall reached #2 on Amazon's Action & Adventure New Releases chart and held it ALL WEEKEND!!

Amazon then decided to move it to the Space Marines categories, but that's fiiiiiiiine, because #2 and 15 amazing reviews in the first weekend has got me happy dancing all over the place. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has shared the release on social media, and to everyone who has read it and left a review. I hope you all enjoyed Kailey's adventure, and I really hope you're ready for what's in store for her in book 3 mwhahahahaha!! I passed the 30K mark this weekend between book release shenanigans and tornado storms from hell (henceforth known as danger farts LOLOL - thanks for that one Marisa, it's freaking perfect).

Speaking of the fantabulous Marisa Wolf, we had a blast together on Inside CKP Friday night right in the middle of those wonderful danger farts. Tornado sirens going off, weather radar up on my phone, and my kids hanging out on the couch in the background. . . but we laughed in the face of danger and had a great time! There was a LOT of cackling, as well as some legit book-related questions. If you missed the live show, you can still catch it on YouTube. While you're at it, make sure you hit that thumbs up and subscribe so you can stay up to date on all the CKP craziness. You can watch us cackling like crazy people here:

I'm going to be honest with you guys. . . I was lucky to get 1K words in this weekend. I'm fried. I spent most of the weekend hanging out with my family, and the rest of it farting around on Midjourney. The newest version is pretty dang good, and I got some decent images of the Salvage Bunny crew. You want to see? Ha! Of course you do. I'll also be dropping these on my FB page over the next few days, but since you're actually reading my blog, you get to see them first!! Yay!

So this first one I already released, but dang is it just so freaking perfect for Kailey! I even managed to get Jinx and her Kitsoonay family in the background. LOVE this image!!

Next is Winterbourne and Barton. Midjourney got pretty close to what I see in my brain, and I love these two characters so much!

Sheppard was relatively easy to get Midjourney to spit out. Lily and Alberran, my Pikith and Yalteen characters. . .not so much. So I'm going to need you guys to use your imagination a bit and pretend that Lily is purple, and Alberran is a big ol' cinnamon roll underneath that badass exterior LOL

Anyways, I'm off to do all the Monday things. Oh SNAP!! Almost forgot (see above about the brain mush being real), but I'll be on Inside CKP and Kacey Ezell's Writer Life podcast with CKP authors Casey (Moops) Moores, David (Shady) Shadoin, Joy Wandrey, and Marisa Wolf tonight at 8pm Eastern. It's a pre-recorded show, but a bunch of us will be hanging out in the chat. We got together to talk about the 'Kacey Effect' otherwise known as 'Heeeeeeey!' Want to know what the heckballs I'm talking about? Tune in tonight here:

And tomorrow night here:

That's all for this week, NOW I'm off to do all the Monday things - including my day job. Wheeeeeeee!!

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