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Running Around Like A Headless Duck

Why a duck and not a chicken? Trust me, it'll make sense eventually, just keep reading.

Oh man, the last two weeks have been insanely busy. Unsustainably busy, in fact, but it's still nice to know I can maintain that level of insanity for a short period of time. Let's see, in the past two weeks I've written not one, but TWO completely unplanned short stories, just shy of 20K words. I edited two short stories for the same anthology one of mine is for (Casey Moores and I planned out a braided assault story for the 4HU that turned out pretty freaking cool if I do say so myself), and reread/edited a novel (even knowing what was coming, THAT scene still made me cry because Marisa Wolf is incredibly talented). I was on two live podcasts (Inside CKP and Super Geeked Up. . .there was 'singing'), and recorded an episode for Feral Ladies, a super cool new show I'm doing with Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf - ya'll, expect feral cackling and shenanigans with that one. So much fun!!

Oh yeah, and I had a release with Nick Steverson. . .something about space hyenas LOL. Oh! And almost forgot, Nick and I went through the edits on space hyenas 2, Pirates & Payback, on Saturday. That's right, we went through all the edits in a single day. Whew. . .so yeah, busy. I pretty much turned my brain off after that and stayed up way too late binging every episode of Queen Charlotte. No spoilers, but I ugly sobbed at the end and had to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart off the ground. So I suppose it was kiiiiinda good LOL.

Today is a return to a more normal schedule for me. Monday blog post, plotting shenanigans with Nick, and FINALLY returning to Salvage Bunny 3. Kailey is super pissed at me for leaving her hanging in the middle of an epic battle for two weeks LOL

Story Shout Out of the Week: Companion to Darkness, by Casey Moores

You guys!! I alpha read this for him, and it's AMAZING. Catsassins, blind Samurai, rock star awesomeness, and killer fight scenes. I loved it, even though there's one scene in there that damn near made me lose my lunch. IYKYK. It releases this Friday, May 12!!

So, you made it this far. Why a duck instead of a chicken? It might have something to do with that 4HU short story I mentioned. It features Jeremiah Weed, a rubber duck, and a dropship pilot on her first contract. The title? Duck Me. For REASONS. You're welcome mwhahahahaha!! Until next week, folks.

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