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Pandemonium and Umbrellas!!

PRIVATEERS & PANDEMONIUM, the third book in the Salvage Treasure trilogy, is out in the wild!! Will our heroes defeat the worst pirate in the galaxy? Will they finally find (and get to keep) the lost pirate treasure of Captain Pordobel? Will poor Maddy ever get her umbrellas? Better get to reading if you want the answers!!

Nick and I are so freaking happy with how our first trilogy turned out, and we can't wait to hear what you think of our space hyena shenanigans.

As to why my blog post is several days late, it's because I finally got my own dang umbrellas - and got to hang out with my evil twin and his family in an UNDISCLOSED LOCATION (right, Kevin Steverson?!). We even got to do our Inside CKP Live podcast together while our awesome spouses took the kids down to the beach!!

You can watch us being ridiculous together here:

And you can get ALL the Pandemonium here:

While vacations are nice, I'm glad to be home. Outside of catching up on day job stuff, house cleaning stuff, and general life stuff, I need to catch up with Salvage Bunny! I mostly took the week off from writing (as you should on a family vacation), so I'm gearing back up and barreling right toward an epic final battle that will determine the fate of the Knights, Shippo, and the Salvage Bunny herself.

Oh yeah, stay tuned for some exciting news next week!! And don't forget to grab your copy of Privateers & Pandemonium - umbrellas not included ; )

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