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Orange Tags and Mayhem FTW!!

Awww yeah!! We Dare: Old Age and Treachery is kicking some serious butt. We snagged not one but TWO orange tags, with a #1 New Release on the Colonization list, AND the #1 New Release in Science Fiction Anthologies!! We also were up to #2 in Action & Adventure before Amazon shuffled our categories.

Not a bad start at all!! I'm super excited to be a part of the last We Dare antho, especially because it gave me the chance to finish the story I began in We Dare: No Man's Land. I kind of left my characters hanging off a space cliff in that one, so resolving some issues while leaving things open for more stories in that universe down the road was satisfying AF. Carrigan was a blast to write, because I too understand silence isn't all it's cracked up to be, and sometimes the only cure for boredom is a little mayhem.

Anywho, if you haven't picked it up yet, highly recommend. Almost all of the stories were written by military veterans who know a thing or two about being retired and perhaps *ehem* a little more experienced (not old, thank you very much) than those young idiots making a mess of things LOL.

In writing news, Salvage Bunny 3 has passed 56K, and I'm really feeling that momentum pulling me along. It's a great milestone, where you can see the end getting closer and the story just grabs you and the words flow and it's AWESOME. Okay, yes. I'm aware that was a ridiculous sentence, but I'm not changing it. It stays in all its run-on glory (I'm still caffeinating this morning. . .afternoon. Whatever. Moar mocha clearly needed. Send help). Nick and I are gearing up to start space hyenas 4, because we can pass that one back and forth while we work on our individual projects. But first, short stories. Sooooo many short stories this year! I've already written two I didn't plan on, and now Nick got snagged to write a last-second short for Bill Webb's Last Brigade Universe. I've also got one in the LBU that'll come out later this year, so I'm not sad about it at all! It just means that we have to hold off on the horror short we're going to co-write until he gets that one done (seriously, Nick, hurry the F up man LOL). Then we've got one SUPER FREAKING COOL mil-scifi short to write, and it's back to space hyenas 4. So. Busy. All the busy!!

As soon as I'm done with SB3, I'll be working on my 4HU Depik Companion novel, and then going back to Valkyries to start Athena and Sebastian's second novel, Fires Will Rise, AND the amazing Jon Osbourne just invited me to write an Urban Fantasy in his fantastic Milesian Accords universe. I'm overjoyed, and excited, and all the things!! I swear, I'll sleep eventually. I have so many projects lined up, and I couldn't be happier. Writing is the coolest thing ever, and the friends I've made in the past three years are what truly make this FUN. Love you guys ; )

I can hear Maddy complaining about too much mushy stuff LOL. So I guess that's enough for this week. Until next time, ya'll!!

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