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Old Age and Treachery

This Friday is the release of what's possibly the last of the We Dare Anthologies. This is the second time I've been asked to contribute a story, and I had a blast returning to my space pirates. When I wrote The Relentless for We Dare: No Man's Land, I had all of a week to write it. This was a good thing for several reasons. One, Jamie Ibson needed an extra story last minute, and asked me to write one for him. So freaking cool!! And two, I learned that I *can* write quickly when I need to. It was a great learning experience, and I had a lot of fun with my space pirate characters. The problem was I kind of. . .okay, I definitely left that crew hanging. Total cliffhanger, what are they going to do now, type situation. So when Jamie asked me to write a story for this anthology (with plenty of lead time LOL), I really wanted to continue the story. However, with the theme for Old Age and Treachery, I couldn't use my previous MC. Serenity was too young and definitely not a veteran of any sort. And so Carrigan was created. A retired mercenary and best friend of Serenity's older brother, Ash. Here she is on this BADASS cover!!

I'm still SO geeked out that Carrigan made the cover. I'm definitely giving this book a hug when I get my author copy. I'm also really happy with how Reckless and Relentless turned out. The characters are no longer in trouble, Carrigan and Ash worked out their *ehem* issues, and I left it open to return to one day. . . you know, whenever I'm done writing all those trilogies with Nick Steverson. Speaking of Nick, our little space hyena book, Hunters and Hijinks was on the Space Exploration Best Seller list with ANNE MCCAFFREY!!!!! I didn't know that was a life goal until last night when I saw that awesomeness!!

ALL the freaking awesome right there. I squeed like a little girl and happy danced in my living room. In other awesome news, the eARC for Pirates & Payback went out to the early reader team last night. We cannot WAIT to hear what everyone thinks. It releases to everyone on Friday, June 2, and we'll also be on Inside CKP that night with our kickass host (and my con husband) Jeremy Comeaux. There will be pirate costumes and rum, so if nothing else, I promise plenty of shenanigans LOL.

Well, that's all for this week folks. I've got a battle scene to finish with Salvage Bunny 3. So far the battle's at about 12K words and I've still got to write the ground assault part. Mwahahahaha!! Seriously, this is so much fun. Until next time!!

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