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No Time Math at Superstars!!

Superstars Writing Conference – where every day feels like a year, but somehow the whole week flies by before you can blink! Held annually in Colorado Springs, Superstars is the type of writing conference where you can level up your writing and marketing skills, but I sure hope you can handle the firehose LOL. Superstars is nonstop learning paired with amazing, awesome, utterly chaotic fun.

Just like the first year I attended, I headed home with a laundry list of homework assignments and taskers (don’t think about laundry, don’t think about laundry). One of my top priorities is to straighten out the newsletter aspect of my blog posts, get a free short story up on Bookfunnel, and set up an automated welcome sequence. I’ll announce when it’s ready to go and shamelessly ask you to sign up for my newsletter.

I’ll still do the weekly blog, but I think I’ll keep it centered on writing advice and my experiences. In addition, I’ll add a twice a month newsletter that will focus more on upcoming releases (both mine and author friends), work in progress snippets, and what I’m currently reading.

As for my Superstars AAR, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves, because this author’s brain has not yet come back online LOL

Here’s a very awesome pic of CKP representing. Look at us -- we're very professional and obvs there to learn! (You believe me, right?)

Here's Marisa Wolf and I with our awesome mentor and CKP's VP of Awesome, Kevin Ikenberry!!

Annnd then there’s this picture. . .

I feel like this accurately sums up the amazing, awesome, utterly chaotic fun aspect of Superstars! Seriously, I learned so much, met so many amazing people, and had so many awesome and FUN moments. I'll definitely be returning next year. Special thanks to the amazing Superstars founders for creating something so very unique and special, to the awesome staff and volunteers who worked their tails off to organize and run the event, and to everyone who showed up ready and willing to join the tribe. I'll see ya'll next year!!

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