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Mondays are a Mother

My house is quiet, and I'm not sure what to do with myself without the constant refrain that has haunted my entire summer:

My kids are back in school (yes, they start ridiculously early, don't ask me why), and the dogs aren't barking. I can hear myself think, ya'll!! It's amazing, but it's also going to take me a few days to adjust. My kids are LOUD, and now my ears are ringing in the silence. My solution? Music. I listen when I day job, I listen when I'm writing, and I sing the entire time. Loudly. Huh, maybe there's a reason my kids are loud. Naw.

Anyways, if music isn't your thing, how about a new audiobook for your listening pleasure?

Don't mess with a mother -- especially in the Salvage Title Universe. Get scifi excellence in audio today from the amazing duo of universe founder Kevin Steverson and the incomparable Kacey Ezell!!

In writing news, Salvage Bunny 3 is at 113K. I'm not quite as far along as I'd like to be, but it's for good reason! I spent the weekend alternating between alpha reading an excellent TOTALLY SECRET book for my writing mentor and friend Casey Moores (Holy. Crap. It's freaking awesome), and working on the horror short story I'm cowriting with Nick. It's just about done. It has no title, and it's kinda a hot mess, but it's. Almost. Done. And not over word count. Nope. Not at allllll.

It's also less than a month until DragonCon. Hooooo boy. This will be my first one in *ehemwerlekj* years (no time math allowed, sorry). And definitely my first one as a published author. Even though I'm not going as an Attending Professional this year, I still managed to get on two panels because I have awesome friends (Jeff Burns and Marisa Wolf, I'm looking at you!!). I'm so dang excited. There will be sleepover shenanigans, all the dessert, and absolute freaking chaos. I'll probably need a solid week to recover, but I already know it'll be worth it!!

Until next week, folks!!

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