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Marscon AAR and COVER ART!!

Marscon was AMAZING!! So many wonderful, amazing, awesome, amazing, incredibly AMAZING things happened over the weekend that I'm still thinking of new things to tell my husband days later. I'm going to keep my AAR fairly short this time, mostly because I'm a little brain dead still. Why? Not only did I go to my first con of the season (and boy am I out of shape for the sheer energy required to properly geek out for a whole weekend lol) but because I got edits back on Ducky from my incredible alpha readers, did a final read-thru, and submitted my SEVENTH novel to the boss yesterday. I'm so damn proud of this story, and I think 4HU fans are really going to like it. Oh. AND I GOT COVER ART!!

I'd like to take a moment to appreciate Ducky's ass. That's my girl LOL. Seriously, isn't it just the most gorgeous thing EVER?! I want to hug it. Chris Kennedy AKA the Factory Boss oh so casually mentioned that he had cover art for Ducky AND Salvage Bunny as he walked through the hotel lobby. And then he refused to show me until the CKP Year Ahead panel (which was only two hours away but still, the suspense!). When I finally got to see the cover art, I legit got all teary eyed and choked up -- so of course Chris had me pop up to speak about Ducky LOL. I managed to get words out in a mostly coherent fashion. . . all while staring at my cover and grinning like a dumbass.

Speaking of awesome art, check out the cover for Salvage Bunny 3!! This has got to be the sharpest Salvage Bunny cover yet, and Dawn totally knocked it out of the park. I can't wait for you guys to read this one. Kailey made some choices in Knightfall. Now she has to deal with the Fallout.

The rest of Marscon passed in a chaotic blur of sheer happiness. I got to talk geeky things, stay up way too late, and hang out with some of my favorite people in the world like Kacey Ezell and Marisa Wolf!! I feel like this picture perfectly sums up our weekend!!

By the way, this was an action shot. We had no idea someone was taking this picture. We don't even know what we were doing or why. We're apparently just like this, which makes it so freaking delightful. Feral Ladies in the wild LOL.

Until next week, folks!!

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