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March is Going to be EPIC!!

Why? Because Salvage Bunny 3, Fallout on Darsaana, comes out March 1!!

Guys, I am SO dang excited for you to read this book. I think it's the best thing I've ever written, but wow was it not the easiest. Quite possibly because Kailey wouldn't shut up, the book kept getting longer, and eventually my definitely wise and probably exasperated publisher asked, "Are you sure this isn't two books?" I laughed, stopped, banged my head on the desk a few times, and replied, "Yup, it's two books."

Every new book is an opportunity to learn, and boy did I learn a lot with this one. I had to rewrite what was supposed to be a minor battle into an epic final battle scene. It only took me *cough eighteen cough* tries to get it right. The best part was when my brain refused to accept that I'd actually reached the end. It was written, the book was done, but my brain was still caught up in the 'but I still have to write all these things!' You know, the things that will happen in book four lol. Brains are weird.

So in other news. . . Ducky, my 4HU Depik Companion novel, has been sent to my AWESOME alpha readers. Nick has been saying very nice things, which, quite frankly, makes me VERY nervous LOL. As soon as I get feedback, I'll incorporate it into the draft, do another solid edit pass, and send it in to the boss.

I'm kind of in love with those characters. I've spent the last 11 weeks of my life so immersed in their story that once I'd passed it over to my friends my brain straight up went offline for most of a day. No thoughts, just random snippets of song interrupted by long stretches of white noise. Every time I tried to think, I got this message: We're sorry, the brain you're been trying to reach has been disconnected. Please check the brain dialed and try again LOL. Eventually, things started working again, which is good, because I've got edits to do, an unexpected short story to write with a due date of ASAP, and I've done zero packing or prep for Marscon (which is this coming weekend in Virginia Beach)!! I suppose I should at least check the weather and do some laundry. You know, so I'm not panicking at the last minute. Details. Until next week, folks!!

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