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Laptop Woes and Monday Misfortunes

My laptop is possessed by demons from the seventh circle of hell. Apple forced me to update the OS a few weeks back, and I think maybe it's having an allergic reaction. Or it hates me. You know, one of the two. It's restarted because of a nebulous 'error' five times already today, and the screen pixilated at one point. Another time it froze, and then gave me the spinning circle of doom. I'm just. . .over Monday at this point.

On the plus side, I am downright PARANOID about losing my files, so I've got everything backed up on the family server as well as Google Drive. On the super are you freaking kidding me side, this laptop is less than three years old! ARGH. No, just no. It's not allowed to die or corrupt my stuff. There. Solved that problem. I'm sure my laptop will listen to my slightly unhinged ranting and behave itself.

As for writing, I didn't get a whole lot of actual words in this weekend. Easter Sunday shenanigans with the kids trumped writing, but I did get in a freaking great brain storming session with my awesome hubby (who is a dedicated reader of all things mil sci-fi) and my awesome author twin, Nick Steverson. They helped me nail down some epic AF details for the first major battle scene in SB3 and I wrote about 2K in notes. It's going to tie in a little bit to our space hyenas trilogy, which will feed into both our planned trilogy with Kevin Steverson as well as my planned Winterbourne trilogy. Ah, shared universe tie-ins are the BEST.

Anyways, I've typed this blog post out at warp freaking speed, trying to stay ahead of the next time my laptop inevitably crashes. Before I run away to go cry about my laptop, thanks again to everyone who read Knightfall. Feedback and reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, and I'm just ALL the happy. Also also, HUNTERS & HIJINKS comes out Friday, 28 April!! That's coming up quick, and Nick and I cannot wait to hear what ya'll think of our space hyena shenanigans!! Until next week!!

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