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Knightfall eARC, The Last Argonaut, and Space Hyenas

A little over two weeks to go until my second novel, Knightfall Under Keros, releases!! The eARC went out to early readers, and everything's starting to feel a little more real. And exciting. And terrifying. . . okay, that may be a bit of a strong word. How about nerve-racking? I don't think I'll ever not be nervous when one of my stories goes out. Then I remind myself that it wouldn't be published if it wasn't good, and I get excited again. I also remind myself that a book release is an excellent excuse to go to the bakery and get something really bad for me that tastes amazing LOL.

I also got feedback from the head editor on Knightfall that I will absolutely be incorporating into Salvage Bunny 3. One of the rules at CKP is 'be coachable.' It's a great rule, and an even better reminder that no matter how good we think we're getting at this writing thing, there's always room for improvement. And boy, do I still have a lot to learn. But I'm getting there, and I'll keep 'getting there' for as long as I'm doing this. So, forever ; )

Note: I deleted the word 'right' eight times in my SB3 draft based on that feedback, as well as tightened up a few things. Good feedback is freaking GOLD ya'll.

SB3 is just shy of 20K now, and I'm starting to pick up steam. This story is going to bring in Kevin Steverson's Harmon, Bahroot, and some other characters from Salvage System, as well as Nick Steverson's Dahkal, Ryan, and a few Sheinrah characters (space dragons and Samurai sidekicks FTW!!). There will even be a tiny cameo from our intrepid space hyenas! This is one of the best things about writing in a shared universe - tying in other characters and pieces of other storylines.

And of course, I had to drop some Warball references in there with Ian Malone's The Last Argonaut releasing THIS FRIDAY!! So freaking excited for him. I've heard nothing but excellent things about his story, and I know what I'll be reading this weekend!!

In other news, Nick and I got back edits for our first space hyenas book, and we started going through them yesterday. As soon as I'm done writing this blog post, we're diving right back in. I can practically feel his impatience from here LOL. Until next week, folks!!

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