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Incoherent Squealing Noises!!

Why am I squealing? Because SALVAGE BUNNY 3 RELEASES ON FRIDAY!! It's my sixth novel in two years, and holy crap, I hope I never lose this crazy excited, nervous butterfly excited, incoherently excited feeling. Yes, that's a lot of excited because I am ALL the excited over here!!

And guess what? This won't be the last time you see Kailey and the Knights (which honestly sounds like a great name for a band). While Salvage Bunny was originally meant to be a trilogy, the story grew too big for just three books. That means you get one more after Fallout on Darsaana. I mean, four-book trilogies are totally a thing, right?

Each book in Kailey's story asks a question. What would you do to save your home, your friends, yourself? In Sunrise Over Shippo, Kailey wasn't a fighter, but she chose to become one to save her home. Knightfall Under Keros demanded sacrifice from Kailey as she figured out just how far she'd go to save her friends. But those choices she made in Knightfall weren't without cost, and now she has to deal with the Fallout. . . and decide just how far she's willing to go to save herself.

I'm so dang proud of the Salvage Bunny's third story, though I might be more proud of the fact that I literally made Marisa Wolf goose honk at one point (this is now a goal for every story she reads for me mwahahaha). Want to know what was so funny? Or what made my awesome publisher Chris Kennedy say daaaamn when he read chapter 26? (Still squealing about that btw) Pick up the book on Friday and tell me what your favorite parts were. I'd love to hear from you guys, whether it's on Facebook, or in a review.

In writing news, I've got an urban fantasy short story drafted and out to Marisa and Nick so they can tell me how to make it better, and I'm back to writing GRIFFINS. Wheeeeeeee!! So much to be excited and thankful for. Trust me, there's plenty of times where I just stop and go, how is this my life? I'm grateful for the opportunities CKP has given me, and I'm BEYOND grateful for all the friends I've made in the past few years. You guys are the best!!

Okay, enough mushiness. Back to work! Until next week, folks!

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