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Imaginarium Week!!

On Friday, I'll be heading up to Louisville, Kentucky for the tenth anniversary of Imaginarium, a convention for authors, filmmakers, game developers, artists, musicians, poets, cosplayers, and, of course, the fans!! I'll also be bringing my monsters, uh. . . I mean my children with me, so apologies in advance LOL. Nick and I are both up for the Imadjinn Awards Best Science Fiction Novel, and I've got not one but TWO short stories up for the Best Short Story (Valkyries and Fallen World). Personally, I'm rooting for my evil twin to win Best Scifi novel, because Consequences was an epic AF conclusion to his space dragons and samurai sidekick trilogy.

If you haven't read it yet, you can check it out here:

Besides, if Nick wins, I totally get to gloat about how he only won because I told him to nominate himself LOL. Hmm. . .it's possible I'm the evil twin. Or maybe we're both evil mwahahahaha!!

(Credit for this awesome image goes to Nick)

In writing news, SB3 is over 96K. It'll probably be around 130K when it's done, but I'm trucking right along so I'm hopeful that I'll have a rough draft finished by the end of the month. It somewhat depends on how much writing I can get done while I'm on vacation. My amazing hubby is tapping his foot as I'm typing this with one eyebrow raised sky high and shaking his head. He told me to go look up what 'vacation' means LOL. One thing it definitely means is UMBRELLAS!! Because guess what? We'll be down in my evil twin's neck of the woods for the release of PRIVATEERS & PANDEMONIUM!! That means we'll get to do our Inside CKP episode TOGETHER on the BEACH and can you tell I'm ALL THE EXCITED?! WOOOHOOOO!!! We'll get to celebrate the release of our first of many trilogies together, and hang out all weekend with our families. I'm geeked, all the geeked!!

Until next time, I've got writing to do!! And vacation planning :D

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