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Imaginarium AAR and Privateers Release Week!!

Imaginarium was a good time for CKP, and Nick and I in particular. My evil twin won Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year for "CONSEQUENCES", beating out Sunrise Over Shippo, and I couldn't be happier!! The conclusion to his space dragons and samurai sidekick trilogy was epic AF, and I know just how much work and heart he put into that story. Emperor Dahkal is pleased, and so is the Salvage Bunny LOL. Besides, Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year finalist ain't half bad either. So if you haven't read them yet, pick up Nick's trilogy, and then go read Sunrise, you won't be sorry. And I didn't walk away empty handed - I took Best Short Story of the Year for "ANGEL WINGS AND DEMON BONES", my Valkyries short story!!

Athena and Sebastian are two of my favorite characters, so I'm pretty freaking excited their story won. Even better, the follow on novel will come out from Hit World Press next year. So go read the story and get excited with me, because I have it on good authority (Marisa Wolf, Nick Steverson, and Casey Moores) that "SHADOWS MAY FALL" is a kickass Urban Fantasy. I can't wait for you guys to read it!! For now, you can get the short story in The Valkyries Initiative, edited by the freaking amazeballs Marisa Wolf. While you're at it, read all the stories, because they're all so dang good!!

You can get Consequences here:

Enjoy the Sunrise here:

And hang out with kickass Valkyries here:

Also, a huge congrats to Bill Webb and everyone in the Hit World anthology, "YOU PAY, WE SLAY", which won Best Anthology of the Year!!

And now for what you've all been waiting for. . .

"PRIVATEERS & PANDEMONIUM", the thrilling conclusion to our space hyena shenanigans trilogy, comes out this Friday, Jul 21!! Are you excited? I'm excited. I know Nick is excited, and we're both going to be excited together on a beach in Florida this Friday when we go on Inside CKP so we can be excited with all of you!! I promise you all the shenanigans and cackling you could ever wish for. . . and a truly epic book. Nick and I are really pleased with how far we've come as writers throughout this trilogy, and we really hope you love the story as much as we do. We plan to start book 4 this summer after clearing a few other projects out of the way.

Isn't this cover AWESOME?! Dawn Grimes really knocked it out of the park. HIADA is so pink she looks positively radioactive LOL. But really, it's the sparkly pink missiles for me. LOVE the pink sparkly missiles. Aurelian is definitely a fan too. Maddy. . . not so much.

In writing news, I've surpassed 100K on SB3, so only about 30K to go LOL. Salvage Bunny trends more toward Space Opera rather than Mil SciFi, so the lengthy word count is about right. Besides, I've got a lot of loose ends to tie up, and I want to make sure I conclude Kailey's story (and my first solo trilogy) as epically, awesomely, <insert other fun words here>, as possible!! Speaking of writing, I better get on that if I want to make up for the days I lost to Imaginarium! Catch you all on Inside CKP this Friday, 8pm Eastern!!

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