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I'm Not Dead Yet!!

The past two months have been insane with a side of crazy. All the crazy.

I finished two novels. One cowritten with the fabulous Casey Moores (Forlorn Hope, Blood and Armor book 4), and one that's entirely my own. It's not in a shared universe, or in someone else's series. Griffins is mine, and I'm so dang in love with it. Think Dragonriders of Pern meets Valdemar with a healthy dose of military action, a main character who attracts trouble as easily as breathing, and one mischievous, snarky, loveable griffin.

The first draft is done, and it's doing exactly what it should do -- exist. Now I need to rework the first chapter to clarify some of the worldbuilding details, tweak some details here, make you fall in love with some characters I'm definitely not going to kill there, and polish it up until it shines.

But first. . . LibertyCon is this weekend!! I'll be hanging out in Chattanooga all weekend with a bunch of awesome authors and readers and friends. This was my reward for keeping my head down over the keyboard the past few months, and I cannot WAIT to spend a few days relaxing and geeking out. Here's my schedule if you're going to be there! I'll be the crazy one with a mocha in hand, probably causing some chaos and definitely participating in all the shenanigans!!

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