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Let's Get It!!

Wow, what a busy, crazy way to start off the new year. So many things came together to try to punch me in the face, but I managed to walk away without a black eye LOL. My Last Brigade Universe short story was the last of the bunch, and I finished it in four days. FOUR DAYS. WHEEEEEEE!! It came in at 9K and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I got edits back from Casey and Nick (because they're both awesome) so I just need to do a final polish and send it to the Hatman himself, William Alan Webb.

And now, NOW, that I've got all my commitments squared away, I can get back to planning out Salvage Bunny 3. Notice I don't say plotting. I'm somewhere in between a planner and a pantser as far as technique goes. I'll get an idea for a scene, or some awesome dialogue, or character interactions, or straight-up just write out the end of the book (like I just did for Valkyries 2), and I'll add it to a Notes document. It's messy, it's completely out of order, and I can guarantee I won't use all of it. . .but it helps keep me on track, and it helps me develop the story in the way I want it to go. Chaotic notes FTW!!

Salvage Bunny 3 has about 10K in notes as of right now. I'll go in later this week and reorganize it into a semi-coherent outline and see where I need to further develop the story. It's going to be so much fun to bring Kailey's (first) trilogy to a close. I know where they end up, but it'll be a wild ride getting there. . .for them, to be clear. Don't get me wrong, writing is THE BEST, but it's mostly sitting in a chair, or getting a little crazy and going for a walk to work out a snag in the story. Not too much wild going on there. My characters though? They're going to have a bad time of it before they earn their happy ending.

In other news, I'm gearing up for Superstars. I got a little crazy and ordered a new notebook. I know, I know, wild, amiright?! I might even use it to take notes LOL. The weather forecast for Colorado Springs is. . .brisk. Not shocking since it's February. I'm totally going to be freezing my butt off, but it'll be worth it.

(Thanks to the above GIF, I now want to rewatch Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood LOL)

As for my con schedule for the rest of the year, I'll for sure be attending Confinement in Lebanon, LibertyCon in Chattanooga, and FactoryCon in the Outer Banks. I'm also working to attend FantaSci in Raleigh, and InfinityCon in Tallahassee. I'll update my schedule on my website as soon as I've got confirmation. Did I mention my husband is THE BEST for working his schedule so I can attend these amazing events? Managing day jobs and kids can be challenging, but so far we're making it work. That's all for this week folks, got to get on those LBU edits!!

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