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Hunters & Hijinks eARC Out in the Wild!

Normally, this is the point where I start getting nervous for a new release. Early readers have the eARC (electronic Advance Reader Copy), which means people are going to READ MY BOOK. Ahhhhhhhh!! Cue all the nerves and excitement peppered with a little dash of sheer terror LOL. This time is different. Why? Because this is my first co-authored release with Nick Steverson, which means. . .well, I guess it means I've got somebody to be excited and nervous with. Teamwork FTW!!

Seriously, we had so much fun writing space hyenas, and we hope people have just as much fun reading it. Chris has all three books now, so the next couple of months will be all space hyenas, all the time. Yay shenanigans!! We've got a second trilogy planned out (as much as we plan, I mean we're more chaotic notetakers than plotters so make of that what you will). Once we clear our writing calendars of other projects, we plan to dive back in for more space hyena madcap fun. And yes, that phrasing is deliberate for REASONS.

Anyways, my possessed laptop had to get completely wiped to exorcise the demons, so this weekend was a super fun getting everything reinstalled and back to where I need it to be. ALL the freaking husband points to my awesome hubby, who did all the work to get me up and running again. Meanwhile, I tippy-tapped away on my freaking cell phone (bluetooth keyboards are a lifesaver) and managed to get in 1600 words despite all the chaos. I'm in the middle of an epic space battle for Salvage Bunny 3, and not even a possessed laptop is going to stop me!!

On the very plus side, I didn't lose anything to the demons. Again, all the husband points to my hubby, because he set up a server where I can keep backup copies of everything.

(An actual picture of me watching as he fixed my laptop for me because he's the BEST FREAKING HUSBAND IN THE WORLD)

Ehem. . .that's about it for this week. I'm still kind of recovering from Saturday night's cantina (weekly zoom get together for a bunch of CKP authors where we discuss everything from business to silliness). This last one was 100% silliness and ridiculousness and I was THERE FOR IT. It was a great reminder of how freaking awesome our friend group is, and I love that we can be ridiculous together. So yeah. . . I think that right there nails the heart of this week's blog post. Treasure your friends and chosen family, folks. You can be damn sure I do : )

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