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Happy Friday the 13th!!

What's that? Not enough horror on this awesome Friday the 13th in October AND on a solar eclipse? No worries, we've totally got you covered. Just watch out for those pesky clowns. . . and zombies. . . and serial killers. . . and overly affectionate kudzu. . . and the. . . you know what? Just be careful. No going into unlit rooms, no heading out to the local make out spot, no dropping your car keys while running for your life. Be smart, be safe -- stay inside and read a good book instead.

Thirteen tales of Horror, perfect for a dark and stormy Friday the 13th…or a sunny Tuesday afternoon. From science fiction to classic European horror, interwoven with layers of creep factor, gore, and mystery that will keep you turning the page…and looking over your shoulder. So, light the candles, stir the cauldron, and check your ammo count, because things are about to get dark!

And join us this Saturday, 8 eastern, for podcast shenanigans, where a bunch of us authors from the antho will be answering questions, talking about our stories, and generally being silly.

On the writing side of the house, I've wrangled my chaotic notes for my Depik Companion novel into something vaguely resembling coherency. I've written the first three sentences. They're crap. I know they're crap, but the novel has officially been started, woohoo!! Get ready for the return of Ducky, Mace, Simmons, Bash, Rebel, the fluffballs of chaos incarnate AKA the Chipmunks, and the introduction of a very grumpy, very pissed off Hunter. This is gonna be fun!!

Want to read the short story, Duck Me, while you wait? Get it here, along with a whole bunch of 4HU awesomeness:

Oh! And I got edits back on Salvage Bunny 3 from Marisa Wolf!! Going to dive into those this afternoon, so excited!! Until next week, folks!!

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