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Happy Birthday To Me!!

I had a great time turning 29 (again) this weekend. There were cupcakes, and a hilarious unicorn gift, and my son was extra nice and gave me his cold too! So now I'm coughing like a congested donkey, and eating leftover cupcakes for breakfast. Worth it.

Honestly, I don't care about my age, but after a certain point you just stop counting. . .and then when your kids ask how old you are and you have to do MATH, you just go, you know what - I'm 29. Forever. I will be 29 until the day I die of extreme old age because it's just easier at this point. Also, I was told there'd be no math LOL.

The fact that I'm an accountant just makes this funnier.

In writing news, Nick and I have passed the 20K mark on space hyenas 3! This book is going to go fast, which is good since our personal deadline is coming up quick. We also finished our editing pass of space hyenas 2 and sent that off to the Salvage boss, Kevin Steverson, for his review.

He hasn't yelled at us yet, so we're good so far! I'm wondering if he's gotten to that one part with Oops Moops, our favorite pirate (to torture) yet. Hehehe. We regret nothing and we're not sorry.

Seriously though, next year is going to be a big year for both me and Nick. We'll have our space hyena trilogy which will rapid release, and holy crap is that going to be a blast! We're not joking when we say we have no maturity when we work together. We're going to design a pirate flag for conventions, and there was talk about buying an inflatable pirate ship pool float. . .or two.

I know Nick is working on a few solo projects, so I'm pretty sure he'll have releases every month for half the year. I've got Salvage Bunny 2 (the sequel to Sunrise Over Shippo), and a Valkyries Hit World novel featuring Athena and Sebastian. That's five novels. FIVE. How crazy awesome is that?!

Okay, time to go write. . .and do my day job. . .and edit a Depik 4HU novel for Casey. . .and. . .you know what? If I think about how much is on my plate I might just sit here and drink coffee all day and not do anything at all LOL. Until next week!

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