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Halo, Polar Bear Puppets, and Whoopee Cushions

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

That list sounds like the start of a bad joke, but those were the winners of Christmas this year. My son is obsessed with all things Halo, and my daughter thinks whoopee cushions are hilarious. It's an obnoxious green color, and she keeps leaving it in really obvious places. My son and husband are having too much fun playing along, so my house is currently full of the sound of farts and cackling. Worth it. She also got an adorable polar bear puppet and named it Christina. That thing has eaten my nose no less than twenty times. She thinks it's just as hilarious as the whoopee cushion. Have I mentioned my daughter is evil?

So I decided to take a few days off from writing. And I did. Sort of. I've got a deadline for a We Dare short story coming up, so I spent my time off from space hyenas plotting and writing down ideas and snippets of conversation. My notes ended up over 3K and I got over a quarter of the story written. Uh, oops? I'd say sorry, but I regret nothing.

My last We Dare story, The Relentless, featured a young, somewhat clueless MC. Serenity Draco is an awesome character, but she doesn't fit the requirements for this anthology. I needed a new MC, someone a little tougher, someone a little older. . .but not too old for REASONS.

Seriously, if you can't figure out those reasons, you haven't been paying attention LOL. My new MC, Carrigan Kaye, is a retired Mag Mell merc with zero ducks left to give. She also owes a certain Draco pirate scoundrel a massive favor. When Ashford Draco calls it in just before disappearing (and leaving Central Station in an uproar because OF COURSE he did), she's got no choice but to leave her cozy, quiet life behind and find him. Assuming she can figure out the cryptic message he sent, and assuming that crazy Reaper pirate Thalia Naj doesn't find him first. Solving mysteries isn't really her thing though, and she's ready to punch somebody in the face before too long. Good thing there's plenty of opportunity for her to vent her frustrations.

On the space hyenas front, we're closing in on the end of the trilogy. I feel like I've been saying that for weeks (probably because I have), but the last book of a trilogy has a lot of loose ends to tie up. Also, clowns. I don't care who you are, clowns are scary and evil and need to be blown up from orbit.

It's possible Reggie and his old friend Randy have some clown-related trauma in their past. It's also possible that I'm taking full advantage of their trauma because my daughter clearly got her evil tendencies from me. Either way, we're having a blast. That word choice is deliberate, just so you know. Until next week guys! Happy holidays!!

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