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Grab Your Goats!!

Why am I talking about goats? Because of today's buck book deal, of course! You know you want to read some post-apocalyptic awesomeness today, and boy do I got you covered! Today's buck book has an amazing group of stories, including one from me. . .about goats. Seriously. No lie. It's called Goat Shopping. . .because sometimes you need to grab your goats in this Fallen World!

Okay, fine. There might also be rhinocorns, raiders, a very grumpy (and hot) soldier, and a tough farm girl with a. . .sunny disposition. Also, sharpshooters, imprinted super soldiers, and possible small town corruption. Did I mention the soldier was hot? For very subtle and not at all predictable REASONS. I fully intend to go back to this story and write a full-length novel. Sometimes, characters just don't want to stop talking in your brain and you just have to follow the muse. In this case, Sunny and Ian won't stop bickering and it's too funny not to eventually share. Who needs sleep, amiright?

In other news, Salvage Bunny 2 is at a ridiculous word count and I still need to wrap the story up with another 5K easy (an actual picture of me talking through the last few plot points lol)

I wrote the beginning last year before I had to shelve it for my Valkyries projects, and I can see a clear difference in my writing. That's a definite win. . .the downside is once I finish the draft I'm going to have to rewrite that beginning. It's a little on the fluffy side anyways and it'll be a better story for it. So again, win. I'm still on track with my personal goal to have it finished and sent to my awesome beta readers by the end of November at the latest.

Finally, Space Hyena Pirates is going to be AWESOME. I just made my coauthor laugh out loud this morning with the last scene I wrote, so I'm pretty proud of myself right now. We've only got five or six major scenes left to write before we wrap the story up. We got a little bogged down with the normal back to school stuff (kids) and end of fiscal year stuff (day job), but we're still on track to finish it before FactoryCon in two. . .holy crap. Two weeks. Okay, gotta start making packing lists and prepping cookies and actually pack and. . .yikes. Got to go, byeeeeeeeee!!!

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