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FactoryCon Week!!

FactoryCon has been like a freaking carrot dangling on a stick. . .okay, this is me we're talking about, so it's more like a triple mocha frap with all the whip cream and sprinkles dancing just out of reach. Regardless, this has been the motivating factor in getting a lot of work done. Real day job work, house work, kid related work, writing work. . .ALL the work.

Some of that work was harder than others. For instance, I'm bringing cookies to the Saturday potluck dinner. Not only did I have to whip up a ton of cookie dough, I had to bake some up and taste test them. Oh. Noooos. So hard. There may have been some beverage tasting as well. It's rough, but it had to be done. Packing, on the other hand, is less fun. Can I just go back to eating cookies? Pretty please? No? Oh well, guess I'll pack with one hand and eat cookies with the other. Never let it be said I can't multitask LOL.

Speaking of multitasking (how's that for a decent segue?!), my two Salvage projects are racing each other for the finish line. Space hyenas will win if only because it's a co-authored project and Nick won't stop bugging me to finish up my part.

Ugh. So needy LOL. I've got two days (including today yikes) to meet our self-imposed deadline. This is happening. Who needs sleep amiright?

Honestly, it works out, because Salvage Bunny 2 is so fluffy. All the fluffy. Like, ready to hibernate for the winter FLUFFY. It's a really good thing that 20K from the beginning is getting cut down to 5K when I rewrite it. I've learned a lot with this story though, and I think it's going to be a good one.

One last thing before I frantically run off to go pack for myself and two children. Writing can be a really funny thing. One second you're cranking out words, rushing toward those two magical little words (The End). The next, you screech to a stop, stare at that one random sentence you just wrote and go. . .well crap. That one line just spawned a whole new trilogy idea. For a whole new character. Hehehe. Lieutenant Keith Winterbourne from the Salvage Bunny crew is NOT going to know what hit him. Sorrynotsorry!!

Anyways. . .

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