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FactoryCon Panic. . .I mean prep

Oooooh holy crap. FactoryCon is next week. NEXT WEEK! Hooooow did that sneak up on me? What's FactoryCon? Only the awesomest, most amazingest camping end-of-year CKP party ever! It'll be my first year going, but I have it on good authority that it's a great time.

A bunch of authors, friends, and family hanging around a campfire, plotting to take over the world. . .I mean, plotting out our next books. What could possibly go wrong? The fact that the campground is hosting Halloween activities for kids and adults alike is just the sweet, candy-coated bonus of amazingness. I'm sure there will be no shenanigans of any kind. Nope. Not at all.

In writing news, I'm two major scenes away from typing The End on Salvage Bunny 2. I still have to rewrite the beginning and add some foreshadowing in. . .okay, and I've got to cut about 15K but that's fiiiiiine. Oh, and let's not forget about the editing (I'm actually trying really hard to forget about that part LOL).

Kailey had some growing to do in this story. She's been thrown in the deep end as a merc and has to learn to stand on her own. That means no Jinx to back her up, because I'm mean like that. My favorite Kitsoonay still makes an appearance, but she's preoccupied for most of the book with her own adventure. Did you read Nick Steverson's Consequences yet? You might find a clue at the end on what Jinx gets up to. Which, incidentally, spawned a whole new idea for a Jinx and Reuan short story. I'm also working on a second Salvage short story with some of the ladies of Salvage. Girls night out, anyone? I wrote about 500 words on that one today, which wasn't in my plans. I blame Nick Steverson. I usually blame Casey Moores for everything, but this time it was definitely Nick's fault.

Have I mentioned how much FUN it is to write in Salvage? We've got space dragons, Samurai sidekicks, Salvage Bunnies, space foxes . . .and, of course, SPACE HYENAS. Nick and I are working on wrapping up the second space hyena book. There's a ton of pirate shenanigans and more than a little payback. There's also a certain pony princess that makes Maddy's life hell. I'm sitting over here cackling like a dang hyena at all of the crazy hijinks we've put them through so far.

Then it's on to book three. We're going to tie them all up in a pretty bow, throw them at our publisher, and run away laughing like lunatics. Honestly, I'm not sure why they left us unsupervised, but we've taken full advantage of it. I promise you zero maturity, maximum fun, folks!!

Anyways, I've got to get cracking on that packing list. So much to do before FactoryCon, so little time!!

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