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FactoryCon Is My New Favorite Con!!

I now understand why FactoryCon is an absolute MUST for so many CKP authors. It’s all my favorite parts of a convention combined with a weekend of camping (glamping?). We got to hang out, plot new stories together, and eat all the delicious things that are so bad for us. But wait, there's more! Fishing, a cornhole tournament (I was soundly defeated by the boss in the first round but had a blast anyways), a potluck dinner (I made sooo many cookies), and a Sunday breakfast. . .I may have had bacon and a leftover cookie for breakfast that day. There are no calories on vacation, folks. It’s a rule. This is a great family con too. My kids got to run wild all weekend, which was good for them and great for me and my husband. The campground had Halloween activities for the kids, a new playground, a jumping pad, and these awesome peddle carts that the adults really wanted to borrow. For reasons.

That’s not to say we didn’t do any work. There was a super helpful professional development meeting, an Author signing event where I got to talk to cool campers about my books, and a class taught by the fantastic Kevin Ikenberry. . .and did I mention the plotting sessions? Ha! Well, Nick Steverson and I sat down for about three hours on Sunday and figured out space hyenas 3. It’s going to be AWESOME…and maybe a little bit heartbreaking. I nearly cried at one point.

Space hyenas is all about the fun, but when you’re going after one of the worst pirate organizations in the galaxy, there are bound to be consequences. Heartbreaking consequences. I know I usually blame Casey or Nick for things, but this time I am 100% blaming Kevin Ikenberry. That’s what happens when Ike makes some excellent teaching points and we apply them to our writing. Sigh. Ah well, gotta keep growing as a writer, right? Which apparently includes occasionally ripping out your own heart and stomping on it a little.

Now, as I stare at the endless highway out the windshield as my amazing husband drives us home (all 15 hours), I think it’s time to get back to writing. Salvage Bunny 2 isn’t going to finish itself, and I am damn close. Until next week!

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