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Elf on the Shelf is EVIL

So today was the holiday party for my day job. It was virtual, so no goodies, but we did play some fun trivia games. One of the ultimate questions was who invented elf on the shelf? My answer was SATAN, because only the devil could've come up with something so freaking evil. My kids are obsessed, but I refuse to allow that evil little thing to infiltrate my home. Nope. All the nope. We do have some good holiday traditions though, like candy canes on the Christmas tree, gingerbread cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa (and us), and the new tradition of torturing our dogs with ridiculous headbands LOL

As you can see, Finn is all about the bling, while Remy. . .not so much. Don't worry, they got treats for putting up with our silliness.

Speaking of putting up with silliness, and ridiculousness, and straight up cackling insanity, I have the best husband. He's suffered through months of space hyena BS. Big shout out to Nick's wife Jolie, who has also suffered and put up with our craziness. They're both amazing, wonderful people. To be clear, neither Nick or I are sorry in the least. We acknowledge how ridiculous we are, but we regret NOTHING.

We're wrapping up a truly epic battle in space hyenas 3 this week, and then it's on to wrapping up all the loose ends (including a rather large pirate treasure hunt) and tying up the trilogy in a pretty bow. We wanted to have it done by Christmas, but we'd rather take the time to give it the ending it deserves rather than rush it. The first two books are ready to go though, so we're feeling pretty good right now!!

Okay, I've got a full page of notes I need to attack for space hyenas 3 today. Nick and I were on the phone for over an hour plotting this morning and smoothing out a few battle scenes. I suppose at some point I should eat lunch too. . .details. Before I go, how about that Valkyries art I promised you last week? Sebastian turned out *chef's kiss*

I mean, you can see why Athena is having issues, right?! Mwahahahaha. . .I regret nothing. Not a dang thing. Until next week!

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