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DragonCon Week!!

Does my brain think I have another week to go before DragonCon? Yes, yes it does. But I leave in two days, so my brain really needs to get in gear here, because there's so much packing and prep I still have to do LOL.

My dog Finn has definitely figured out something's up, because he's been glued to my side the past couple of days. He hasn't quite tried to crawl into my suitcase yet -- which is good, because that big ol' goofball is way too big for that silliness. Especially since I just downgraded to my carryon luggage. I was planning to drive to Atlanta, but changed plans last minute to flying since it was about the same cost (and hopefully less stressful). So good news, I'll be able to keep working on SB3 edits on my travel days, woohoo!!

In other writing news, Nick and I are working on our secret short story. It's going smoother than last week after my husband very smartly suggested we actually talk about what tech level we wanted our space marines to be at. Turns out, Nick and I were very much not on the same page at all. Uh. . . oops.

It's fine, it's fine, everything's fine LOL. We got our crap sorted out, and the story's flowing a lot better now. And it's fun. . . I mean, our characters probably aren't going to have fun, but we are, and that's all that matters mwahahahaha!!

Okay, time for me to panic-pack (what, it's totally a thing) and get ready to gooooooo!!!!!

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