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But Wait, There's More!!

Back to back releases was amazing and awesome and a little exhausting (but in a good way). Two books, two weeks, three podcasts, and a whole lot of shenanigans were had, mostly because I have the best damn friends. The fantastic Kacey Ezell hosted a live release party on her YouTube channel for Fallout on Darsaana, AKA Salvage Bunny 3, which released March 1. And then the amazing Marisa Wolf hosted an episode of Inside CKP for Companions in Chains, which released on March 8!

We also recorded and released a new episode of Feral Ladies, where we talked about our upcoming March releases, as well as how to handle positive and negative feedback (and how that differs from constructive criticism). Many thanks to Jeremy Comeaux for making all those podcasts happen, and to Nick Steverson for being his chaotic, sarcastic self both on the Salvage Bunny podcast and in the chat for Companions!

I'm still flying high, both from the releases, and from having so much fun with my friends. Honestly, half the reason for the podcasts was just to have an official excuse to hangout LOL. Both books are doing well, and I'm so grateful to everyone who has picked up a copy (or two!) and took the time to leave a review. I know they say we're not supposed to, but I read them all, and I'm so damn happy you guys are enjoying them! If you've ever wondered if good reviews make a difference, I'm here to tell you they are ALL the motivating.

So, I promised More in the title of this blog, didn't I? Well, guess what? This isn't just the Month of Melissa, it's the month of the Feral Ladies!! This week, Marisa Wolf and William Alan Webb teamed up to bring us The Spider on March 15, which officially kicks off the Valkyries side of the Hit World universe. Not only that, it sets up the conflict the Valkyries need to address in order to, you know, keep the world from ending. No big deal. . . I'm sure they've got it covered. And check out this gorgeous cover!

In writing news, Casey Moores and I are ready to dive into cowriting book four of the upcoming Blood and Armor series. Guys -- I have read the first three. Even if I wasn't lucky enough to be involved, I would say the same thing. You DO NOT want to miss these books, coming later this spring/summer from CKP. They're military fiction with a dash of scifi powered armor, and they're AWESOME. . . and because I never stop, I'm already 30K into my next solo novel. . . which is something new, and not in a shared universe. It's post-apocalyptic fantasy with griffin riders and dragon riders and clashing militaries and soul entanglement and did I mention GRIFFINS? Small obsessed. It's funny how much the books we read as kids influence what we write today. For me, it was Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern and Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar. Specifically the Mage Wars trilogy she wrote with Larry Dixon. . . because Skandranon. What books have influenced you, for better or worse? I'm always looking for new things to read!

Whelp, the kids are literally tugging at my sleeves now, so time to get outside and take them to the playground. Until next week, folks!!

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