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And I'm Back!!

Whew, NaNoWriMo, AKA November where authors lose their collective sanity and try to write at least 50K or a whole novel, is finally over! Final word count 73K!!

<Me coming up for air after NaNo>

What year is it? Where am I? Who are these feral children running around my house? Ooooh, those are mine LOL.

I mean. . . holy crap, I did not know I could write that fast or that consistently. By the last week, I was hitting 2500 words per day without struggling. It was a great experience. I learned different methods for hitting my word count goals, strengthened those writing muscles, and had a blast working on my 4HU Depik Companion novel. NaNo is over, but I'm still hitting 2K a day without issue. For that alone, the experience was worth it, because my previous average was 1K per day. Surprisingly, one of my biggest takeaways was 'get up from the chair.'

This is in direct contradiction to my normal piece of advice, which is 'put your ass in the chair!' Why? Because my brain usually can't word for hours at a time. I can comfortably knock out 500 word chunks, but then I need to get up, move, do some dang laundry, take care of my kids (hello feral children lol), eat some food, do the pushups! So I started setting mini word count goals throughout the day. I need to hit X number of words, then I need to get up and do the thing. It worked. It's still working. Rather than stress over the big number, I'm like, heck yeah I can write 200 words, no sweat. And then I usually end up writing closer to 400. So much fun figuring out how to trick the brain into doing what you want it to do LOL.

On the writing side, my Depik novel, Companions in Chains, is at 88K. I'm actually on track to have the draft done by the end of the year thanks to banging out more than half of it in November lol. I'm going to keep working and hopefully have a workable draft I can send to my AMAZING beta readers before it gets too close to the holidays.

On the Salvage Bunny side, it was turned in on 1 Nov, and I'm just waiting to get edits back. As soon as I adjudicate the edits, it'll go to Chris, and we'll see what the release date will be. I'll keep ya'll updated. Until next week, folks!!

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