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All the Gratitude and a Cover Reveal!!

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who bought, read, reviewed, and shared Hunters & Hijinks!! Space hyena world domination is off to a great start, in huge part thanks to all of you. Nick and I really appreciate every one of you beautiful people. The support was overwhelming and amazing and just meant the world to us!!

On Inside CKP last Friday, Nick and I revealed the title for space hyenas 2 - Pirates & Payback. For those of you who were fans of our pirate crew (and specifically the incredibly heroic and dashing Oops Moops), you can expect to see more of them. After all. . . who better than to help you get some payback than pirates? I mean, if payback is necessary. I'm not saying it is, I'm not saying it isn't. Ha! How's that for vague? I can feel Nick giving me side eye from two states away LOL. While he's shaking his head at me, check out this gorgeous cover for Pirates & Payback!!

I just want to hug this cover. It's so freaking gorgeous!! Look at the colors! Look at the lasers going pew pew! Look at those shields!! Aaaaaaand then there's HIADA. Still a beautiful POS - just don't tell Ed what POS stands for. You don't want to hurt his feelings. That guy is super in love with his ship. Don't know who I'm talking about? Want to know what HIADA means? You better pick up Hunters & Hijinks quick, because Pirates & Payback releases on June 2, with book three following right on its heels in July.

In writing news, I've got a 4HU short story to finish up. Whenever Casey, the real life inspiration for that heroic Oops Moops, is done laughing his ass off at my hot ducking mess, we're going to work on braiding our short stories together to make one kickass assault. With chipmunks. It'll be glorious. Trust me.

Until next week, folks!!

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