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All the Cookies!!

In case anyone is wondering, I have decided that cookies are a perfectly acceptable dinner option when you're had a rough day or you really just want to say F it and have a dang cookie. Or ten. Ya know, whatever works

On the plus side, I was legit taste-testing for the upcoming FactoryCon in October. We do a potluck dinner and I signed up to make cookies. As I told Joel Lyons, our amazing organizer and all around awesome dude, I'm kind of a one-trick pony here. Fortunately, I'm an even better baker than I am a writer (do with that information what you will lol). I will bring ALL the cookies to FactoryCon.

Speaking of writing, Pirate shenanigans are the best kind of shenanigans. Nick and I are working on the last quarter of our second space hyena book, and things are getting a little out of hand in the best way possible.

Oops Moops is turning into our favorite character to torture. All in good fun, of course...but SOMEBODY shouldn't have made me old and out of shape in one of his books. Killing my fictional husband off, fine, whatevs. But I will be 29 forever dang it LOL.

The Valkyries Initiative is off to a fantastic start, and I'm still flying high. I'm supposed to be working my Salvage Title projects, but I keep writing down little notes and ideas for Athena's second and third books because I literally CANNOT stop myself. Soooooo much fun, and swearing, and all that angst and HEAT between Athena and Sebastian, and I'm just AHHHHHHHHH. Ahem. Got carried away again. Sorrynotsorry.

For some strange reason I have the urge to go rewatch Castlevania...for reasons. Not that I have time, but really, who needs sleep anyways?

All right, time to go see what my coauthor wrote in space hyenas over the weekend.

Have I mentioned how much FREAKING FUN it is to write with Nick Steverson? No? Hmm...might be a reason for that. LOL...just kidding. He's awesome!! And really impatient for me to read.

You know what goes great with reading? Cookies. I wonder if I have any left...

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